Still having problems uploading my edits of video game high school


I am now out of school for the summer and have been bored. And would like to practice editing in adobe premiere pro. I don’t mean to keep bothering you guys but as you said in this article and ChickyBoo , it would be fine to use RocketJump content as long as we let you claim it. The issue is still present as it says Blocked Worldwide Studio71_2_1 Channel: RocketJump. If you could let me know if and how this issue can be resolved that would be great. Thanks :grinning:


And you really need it to be on YouTube?

Maybe you can upload it on another platform, if you need it to be online somewhere.

Otherwise, have you checked that your monetization is off?


Video Game High School specifically was produced with other entities, including Studio71 as noted in your upload flag (they were called Collective Digital Studio at the time). Unfortunately, this puts it outside of RocketJump’s direct control since it’s Studio71 flagging it; I’m not sure that we’d be able to resolve it directly. I actually also got flagged for using some VGHS footage in one of my own sound tutorials on my personal channel, so it’s not just you!


Thank you for clearing this up. I previously uploaded a vghs edit and it didnt get blocked. They must have changed their policy in that time. Thanks though :smile: