Story about a lie detecting medalion


Hi there,

So I have an idea about a story a trinket of some sort that can detect lies.
The idea itself started from a story prompt, in our organization BGonTV, we did a writer’s room with the members and came up with some ideas. From there I worked on it on my own and tried to flesh the story out a little more and eventually write a script to record when we get back for the spring semester.

My main issue is always how to write the script, i understand the anatomy of the script, but it’s the actual story-telling element that i get hung up on. I guess before writing the script i can try actual story paragraphs and covert it into script. I would also like to write this with a partner, but i dont think any of my group members would want to spend their break writing.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to deal with writing scripts or even collab on something, let me know and thanks for reading this.


You need a compelling opening in or after which you will want to establish the who? When? Where? What? And why? And let the story progress to the how?
If you’ve got a story structure in your head then all you need to do is connect the dots. Dots here being the main story beads of your script. You connect them one by one to progress (logically) through your story. How does your story get from A to B? And from B to C? Etc.
Baby steps.

You can post your script here for feedback:

Hope that helps in any way.