Story Break Podcast Discussion


So rocketjump recently launched their new podcast STORY BREAK
What is this? Well…

I really love this new podcast and figured it wouldn’t be too crazy to make a thread where we can discuss it’s episodes.
So if you really liked one of the podcasts, or didn’t you can write it in this thread. Or maybe you have some additional ideas or improvements to make the Jar Jar Binks movie outshine rogue one. Or you hated the way they tackled the legend of zelda and came up with an entirely different idea. Do share it all with us!

To me it feels a little like facerocker in the way that the podcasters are just having a good time together, but there is also some extra depth because they really are working these off-the-wall, bonkers story ideas into something that could pass for a workable story.
A fun look into writing with our favorite RJ goofballs.

Here’s the first three episodes, don’t break 'em.

(my personal favorite so far is the Jar Jar Binks movie, what is yours?)


Oh boy a new one just dropped!
Can the guys break the kelloggs cinematic universe?


I really enjoyed this one.

When I hear fruit loops I don’t think about frosted flakes so it may be safe to say that Kellogg’s has been successful in creating IPs that stand by themselves.

I tend to think of Avengers or Spider-Man. Avengers because its a great example of how to successfully balance multiple IPs on the movie screen while still making it a decent event. I think of Spider-Man because of the sinister six because spider-man becomes the need that assembles the sinister six so they can defeat him like the avengers did with thanos.

Leveraging this information, what is the need that brings all the cereals together?
Wait, but first a better question is…

This is supposed to reinvigorate the Kellogg’s brand right? How do you secure that pay off?


The new cereal will of course be the POV character who enters the Kellogg’s Kingdom but doesn’t
fit in or is subversive in someway that brings the cereals together or something…

I took this too seriously, haha.


Haha, no I think that’s the perfect amount of casual enthusiasm!
I liked that they came up with an avenger like cereal at some point where all the cereals come together.

My question is, since this is a cinematic universe what movies lead up to this one?
Tony the tiger in you can’t fool the cool
Dig’em the frog in can you dig it?
The honeycomb devil in honeycomb harvest: origins of evil
Sunny the sun in total eclipse of my heart


Haha, I didn’t think about that.
I like the concept of Tony The Tiger figuring out how to be cool vs acting cool.

The lead up movies could establish and build the characters so we
can understand their decisions on a deeper level in the Avengers scenario.

Perhaps each film could also explore different aspects of the worlds they live in
along with how they became who they are like…

-How are mascots chosen?
-Is there a power struggle with so many cereal powerhouses coexisting in one space?
-Do they even live on the same planet, or in the same universe etc.?
-What about everyone else?

I think how these questions are answered and how it effects each individual mascot can
effect how they see the world they live in and shape their self-concept as a mascot.
-Does this cereal define who I am? Should it?
-Who am I outside of cereal and if I didn’t have it who would I be?

If certain characters team-up in some of the initial movies then walk away
from their interaction with a negative experience, it would explain
some of the reluctance they may have with teaming up with each other
in the Avengers scenario.


Episode five has just passed GO!


I really enjoyed this one, I learned a lot.


Glad you guys are digging the new podcast! These have been a ton of fun to record. So far, no calls from Kathleen Kennedy or the Kellogg’s people, but I’m sure our checks are in the mail :slight_smile:


Also if you have any suggestions for future episodes (books, video games, movies, Taylor Swift songs, etc.), leave 'em here and we’ll give you a shout out in the episode if we use your idea!

(also also if you listen on itunes, please give us a review!! )


Toucan Sam in… 2CAN 2SAM


Toucan drift


@ShotBotWill IDEA

The Michelin man movie


I first read it at IKEA :smiley: And then it dawned upon me. IKEA: The Movie.


IKEA; maze runner


We’ve had a Hollywood co-produced kind of “blockbuster” movie about the failed 1956 Hungarian revolution against the soviets called “Szabadság, Szerelem” (the literal translation is Freedom and love, but it was given the title “Children of Glory” which I don’t understand why), and it was interesting to see this hybrid of Hungarian history with Hollywood style cinematography, and story structures. Andy Vajna was the main man behind it who has retired back to Hungary recently.

But my point is I would love your take on something historical, like a half-true story like this, I would prefer your take on the failed Hungarian revolution against the Austrians in 1848 (there were “great” young tragic hero like characters in it like Petőfi Sándor). The whole Hungarian history in itself is almost as interesting as Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin does borrow a lot of stuff from these European historical events), and it’s almost untapped, (because right now nobody cares about it but us :smiley: ) I would love to see an outsider’s interpretation, because the nationalists here tend to be overly biased to the huge surprise of exactly no one, or maybe this plant in front of me :smiley:

But if not specifically Hungarian, at least something historical, I know this is something you must know or research a lot beforehand, but I had to ask anyway, it couldn’t hurt :slight_smile:


Episode 6 is here and it’s about an old friend, clippy the Microsoft paperclip


the boss baby

Don’t wanna watch the movie? Just listen to the guys as they create the story for you, or well… They think so…

Have you seen the movie? Listen how it’s story came into being, but probably not.

Whatever you do, enjoy this new episode of story break.


Loved this one again as well. Gave me a new perspective on this film and dreamworks and kids animation in general.
Love all the commetaries, the off-the-wall bonkers ideas you all throw at the wall and most of all the ungodly amount of fun you are all having with it. Can’t wait for the next episode.
What’s it going to be about?
I’ve got a couple of ideas I’d love to see you try to break:

  • Twister (the game)
  • The burger king movie
  • Sonic the hedgehog


Fast 10 your seatbelts, it’s story break #8


Zelda was easy, why not the Super Mario Bros live movie instead?

All the previous episodes were based on pre-existing characters, movies… Let’s try something new: Tandem, a story based on tandem bicycles. Because you can’t ride those alone.

I think the folks that made the game said they would love to make a movie out of it. Why don’t you write it? Hotline Miami: The Movie