Story Break Podcast Discussion


but you can ride a tandem alone…

… it just looks even more idiotic



But why not do it like this?


Some suggestions:

Can you break a better sequel to a movie than it’s studio?

Cars 2 could be done before the guys see Cars 3, similar to Boss Baby episode
Crystal Skull
Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Can you break a better reboot?
King Kong
The Mummy


new episode

Did they break it?

  • they broke it.
  • it broke them.

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Next Story Break Movie Topic (Hopefully)
Budding Instagram Star in the near future pushes the limits of social media and receives the capitol punishment of loosing his life on the internet and starting anew with an old flip phone. He then learns the biggest lesson of this world, that life is not about him.
Title: 4 bars of 3g
How does that sound?


sonic the hedgehog, pokemon, howls moving castle


Howl’s moving castle already exists though? Do you mean a live action version? Why would the story be different? What is there for them to break?

There’s also tons of Pokémon movies, I feel like they need some kind of premise/extra challenge to start from. Maybe a Pokémon prequel movie about professor oak in his youth? Or even further back; medieval Pokémon.


I don’t think there has been an anime film that has been succesfully adapted into live action
though. You bring up a good point about Howls moving castle though, it aleady is a movie to begin with.


I can’t think of any either :smile:
We must remember with these suggestions though this isn’t about adapting a story, it’s about breaking a story. Now this can of course be a story about existing characters (e.i. link, jar-jar) but it must be a new story.

What about a story about a fake news reporter who comes across a groundbreaking real story. What does he do and what directions could they take that in?


haha, That could be funny. The story can go so many places.





This week on story break


Now also with video version!

Did they break the story?

  • They broke it.
  • It broke them.

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Can you guys give me the pirates movie I’ve always wanted?


HOLY SHIT. This is going on the idea pile for sure.


Pokemon would be a ton of fun, especially a period thing. But I feel like Nintendo is already hitting it out of the park by doing a Detective Pikachu movie, hahaha


The stream gave me another idea, because someone confused ARMS with ASMR.

Could you write a story around ASMR?

I mean would the whole movie be whispered?


I’m not sure what to think about this… A movie length film of ASMR would probably break us :frowning:

Still, very creative idea


I was wondering if you guys could write a story based on the emotions contained in one song. I know that this is a stretch, but what if?


Anyone know where to watch the Arms stream now that it’s over?