Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Hey y’all,

We accept community subtitle submissions for our YouTube videos. If you’d like to suggest subtitles in your language of choice, feel free to follow the instructions on this here page:

If you do submit subtitles, post to this thread and tag @Daniel for approval! We get so many spam YouTube notifications that we’ll never catch them that way.

Thanks very much, and feel free to follow up below if you have questions.

NOTE: Please do not submit subs for languages that already have them unless you explain how yours improve upon the existing subs!

NOTE: Don’t waste your time submitting Google Translate subs!

International Subtitles for VGHS


It’s ya boi!


@Daniel Sorry, but i think that they’re not enabled yet, there isn’t any “Add Subtitles” where it should be :confused:


Booooooo! Alright @AtlasZeke I’ll take a quick look.


I just tried to bulk-allow community contributions on the RocketJump channel. If it works I can go through and do it for the others as well. Let me know if that did the trick!


Hey @Daniel!
I just submitted english subtitles for the Real Life Portal Gun video!


Oh snap I’m down for doing english subtitles!


Ok apparently my subs were added, thanks to @Kevin_Nguyen for his help.


@Daniel i translated the fourth episode of VGHS Season 1 in Italian and submitted :3


made some improvements on the dutch subs for VGHS S1 E1 (most importantly “the law” was originaly translated to “the arm” which really bothered me)

I also provided dutch subs for the portal gun video (high five @Spica)

I did these under the name of jl4-life but future ones, unless I forget to do it right, will be as Jasper Talemaker.
more to come


@Daniel Just wrapped up the English captions for Mobile Squad


Published. Thanks Jasper!

The subtitles I see for VGHS S1E1 say that they’re authored by somebody else. I take it this is still the set of modifications you made?


Thanks dude! Approved!


Fantastic. Thanks @AtlasZeke!


I finished up my and @Spica’s work on the November Update video! Everything should be good! @Daniel


Did you submit for approval the subtitles ? I can’t get access to them.


That I did!! Made sure to check and triple check them!


Still not working, I should check it later.
There was a few subtitles missing in the Daniel and Danny part of the video, did you added them ?


Yeah! Made sure to get all the parts!