Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Yes I didn’t want to mess with the original credited since he did most of the work anyway. I just improved them a little.


Don’t you worry man :3
@Daniel Today i had free time too so i translated the 1x05 Episode of VGHS in Italian and the Real Life Portal Gun video too and submitted :3


Haha, the Portal video somehow became the subtitles beginner exercice.


@Daniel ! I also fixed the french subtitles for the first episode of VGHS.


@Daniel HAROLD is squared away!


Thanks again everybody!


@Jasper did you submit more edits? VGHS S1E1 Dutch subs are back in the approval queue, but YouTube doesn’t tell me what actually changed so I’m not sure what’s different.


I did not and I can’t check the editor right now because I’m on my phone. However I can see that the subtitles on YouTube have not updated to the improved version yet. Maybe it’s the sub’s I did earlier that still need to be approved?
If you want you can approve them and I can check them tonight

EDIT: @Daniel I checked the subs today and it says my subtitles have been sent in.They are not yet aproved. so they might indeed still be in the queue


French subtitles for VGHS Ep2 are fixed. Just waiting for approval @Daniel.


Made some small improvements to the dutch subs of VGHS s1e2 and wrote all the dutch subs for Mexican Standoff. All under the name of Jasper Talemaker.


Just submitted french subtitles for the November Update video.


I also translated Real Life Portal Gun to french.


Aaand I fixed the french subtitles of VGHS Ep3.


@Spica, got you on the November update video. Thanks man!

Hey guys, careful not to waste your time with translations for languages that already exist! Unless you spot an error that needs to be corrected, don’t put hard work in for nothing!


It’s never a waste of time if it furthers your ability, sometimes it’s even benefitial to have an already finished work to compare yours to, seeing the differences in style, quickly finding the “bugs in your code”, etc. So it’s never nothing :slight_smile:


We cannot have the law translated as the arm, I will check them all!


That’s not really a waste of time as the few episodes with french subtitles are full of errors, sometimes it sounds weird, sometimes it just don’t make sense.


Hey @Daniel, I submitted Hungarian subs for S01E01 of VGHS, I can do the rest when I have time/energy to practice.


@SzPeti42, @Spica, @Jasper_Cloud Totally understood, but if you’re improving existing subs just let me know that (and roughly what’s being addressed) so I know!

I trust you folks way more than randos submitting subs on the intarweb. Just trying to understand what’s going on.


This is a 100% my own translation, there were no Hungarian subtitles available on Youtube for VGHS, so I did the first episode from scratch. I used my ex girlfiend and ex translator partner who has a masters in English to help me in places so it should be fairly ok.

There are Hungarian subtitles available to download for Season 1 only on the unofficial Hungarian subtitle community’s sites, but that’s a separate thing and I wanted to translate it myself so when I hopefully get to Season 2, the style of the translation is consistent and I get more comfortable doing it. So I don’t want to copy-paste that, I don’t even know if that’s any good, I don’t know that translator personally.

I worked on this community before with said ex as the unofficial subtitle makers for the US version of The Office from season 5 till the end, we still have the old Twitter account. She was the main translator then and I mainly did the creative stuff like puns, poems, acronyms and complete episodes when she was unavailable, and I double-checked every episode for her. We even had some fans who made this for us after the final episode :smiley: (I’m happy that I got Creed :smiley: )

And I did a bunch of engineering translations for my father’s company and others, so as you can see I have some XP :smiley:

I hope I cleared everything up, I’d love to continue translating, and of course the prospect of seeing my name on VGHS in some way is highly satisfactory :smiley: