Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Hey @SzPeti42 , no need to justify any of that. We trust you all!

To clarify, it’s that YouTube does not tell me a) who is submitting subs, nor b) what changed between the new subs and the old. I’d have to sit down and compare them by hand…yeah, NOPE.

If you can do me a solid and just let me know broadly what changed when you submit new edits for an existing language, that’d be super great!


Oh I just like to be as honest and as transparent as possible. Crazy, right? :smiley:

I will tell you if I or someone I know modifies it and what, I know how a bad subtitle can ruin the experience, so I’m taking it fairly seriously.


Who did the original subs @Daniel?


Hey @Daniel, I finished the Hungarian subs for S01E02 of VGHS.


I dunno…YouTube makes it really unclear. There’s no name attached to sub submissions, and I’m not sure how to see who did past ones.


I’ve made some modification to S01E02.


And VGHS S1E3 has a brand spanking new set of dutch subtitles. First one I had to do all the way. Guess the other guy gave up after two episodes =p


Thanks @SzPeti42 and @Jasper_Cloud (and everybody else who keeps contributing)! You all rock!


Hey @Daniel, I finished the Hungarian subs for S01E03 of VGHS.


Approved! Thanks @SzPeti42.


Yaay! It’s more fun than I remembered. I mean translating, I know how fun VGHS is on its own, i don’t have to remind myself there :smiley:


Hey @Daniel, so I went on and did S01E04 of VGHS, and I mean, come on, what were you thinking using words like pricklepuss, studmuffin, and don’t even get me started on the coconut puns, be it I’m a level 12 translatemancer, but it’s still driving me coco-nuts to translate all this properly :smiley: Who came up with that, Matt, Will, or somebody else? :smiley: (Looking at you for the puns, @Kevin_Senzaki, we all know you’re punthusiastic about them :smiley:)

I appreciate the Hungarian pun with “game back” - “gomboc”, but it only works with your not so correct pronunciation :smiley: We pronounce the ‘c’ character at the end like you do the ‘z’ in nazi.

The original “Gömböc” is a Hungarian mathematical invention and it was named Gömböc after a folk tale called “Kis gömböc” which is an absurd tale with black humour. Gömböc was a dish similar to haggis in the traditional Hungarian cuisine, and the story is about a Little Haggis that comes to life and eats everyone until it rips. Yes, that’s it :smiley: At some point it starts rolling and eating, it was the original “they see me rollin’ they hatin’ “ :smiley:
We grew up with it laughing at the absurdity of it, it was supposed to teach us about gluttony, and it kinda fits this absurd shape that they had invented. And it’s extra funny for me to see such a cute representation of it knowing its backstory :smiley: But Ki’s right, it would make an awesome miniboss :smiley:
This is one time I can get away with not translating the pun itself because of the added meaning of Gömböc, so I’m happy about that :smiley:

I went all the way with this episode, I even looked up the original translation of the line “Laugh it up” from Empire Strikes Back, because I remembered it from that, so it’s a funny call-back to that even if it wasn’t intentional in your part.

I don’t know what was the harder, DKs dialect or the puns.


RIP (or rip, geddit, because it ripped? ok haha bye) little haggis, so hungry, and so full…


Hahaha, nice one, I definitely approve :smiley:


Man, I find translation extremely interesting because of these kinds of issues; that’s awesome you’re taking this challenge on! I’ve seen in some extreme cases subtitles next to translations to explain a literal translation of something untranslatable (which… isn’t the most elegant solution), or jokes translators add to make up for ones they have to skip for wording reasons. (I’m actually playing Final Fantasy XV right now with Japanese voices, English text, and it’s amusing how a lot of the filler dialogue is noticeably different in the subtitles).

Anyway, I’m really curious what you did for DK’s dialect! In English it’s this weird fusion of video game lingo and pseudo-historical British-English/royalty speech, and I’d love to hear a bit more about how you handled that! :stuck_out_tongue:

International Subtitles for VGHS

Oh boy, this makes me simultaneously dread and anticipate doing Dutch sub’s for ep 4 :smile:


Not sure who else worked on this but English subs for Five Nights at Freddie’s is squared away! @Daniel

I just added some minor fixes and some dialouge that was left out!


Hey @Daniel, I finished S01E05 of VGHS! It will definitely need some length adjustments after, I’ve proof read it already, but I will plan to do it again after I’m finished with the season.


Just translated HAROLD to french, waiting for approval!


English for VGHS season 1 episode 6 submitted!