Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Alright, @SzPeti42 got your VGHS subs, @Spica your Harold subs are all approved!

@Kevin_Nguyen and @aoshaw21 I didn’t see your english subs in the review queue, but it looks like they are live. @Danny did you approve over the break?


I’m not slowing down, I’m finished with S01E06 of VGHS. This was the biggest challenge yet, no wonder this is where the other subs have dried up, so if it gets approved by @Daniel, it will be the first foreign language subtitle on the episode, that will make me very proud, as this episode has really everything what’s difficult in translating :smiley: So I’m just gonna go munch on a bunch of brunch crunch to celebrate :smiley:

Thanks @aoshaw21 for the English sub, I’m hoping somebody will continue making them for E07 to E09, so that I can carry on as well.


@SzPeti42 Approved!


Man, this was a tough one, but I’m finally finished with S01E07 of VGHS, even with the few hour detour Youtube has decided to give me, I was so keen on finishing it that I had to finish it, so I finished it… Finally…

Unsurprisingly it took me more than double time to do this without the timings and an English subtitles, so I don’t know when I will continue with E08, but I’m so close to finishing S01 that I CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP!!! AWW YEAAAAAH!!! I CAN DO THIS ALL DAY!!!

If this gets approved it will be the only subtitle on that episode as that hasn’t even got an English one yet!


Just sent fixed french subtitles for VGHS Ep4!


And I finished the dutch subs for that episode; ep4


If you need another English translator, I’m your guy! :slight_smile:


Thanks Kevin! I need someone to do the English subs for E08 and E09 because it makes my job so much faster and easier to have the timings and the actual words there. It’s harder to do it after hearing, and takes way more time.


I got you Peter!


@Daniel VGHS S1 EP.8 English subs are done!!!


Thanks Kevin, you’ll help all the translators !


Wow! I was just going to ask about to contact RJFS and ask about this, and here it is!

I’d really appreciate a set of instructions on how to do this. It would also be cool if there was a list by language of what vids had already been subtitled.

I’m trying to teach video in Spanish and RJFS vids in español would be super helpful. I’m ready to tackle it!


You should be able to find some instructions at the top of this thread. :smiley:


Also sorry but community subtitles are not available for RJFS for now. Only on the main channel.


Ah shucks. Could you bring this up at the next meeting?


Hey @Marcos_de_Manantial! Yes, I can absolutely bring this up with our lovely community folks.

The enthusiasm in this thread is incredible. Makes me happy. You are all killlllling it!


VGHS ep 5 has got dutch subtitles



Still need subs English subs for Ep.9 Peter?


Of course, I started E08 and it’s so much easier to do it this way, now it’s even more apparent.


Glad I could help! :grin:

I’ll get working on the subs as soon as possible!