Subtitle Approval Request Thread


You guys are the friggin’ best. I’ll go through and approve your subs now.


Hey @Marcos_de_Manantial, I just enabled community subtitles on RJFS. Have at it! (And finally, a language I can actually verify :smiley: )


You’re telling me you can’t verify English? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m totally slammed at the moment, but you know what? I can put a couple of students on this. They could use the English practice and it would help them master the material.


Bahahahaha wise guy


WHEW took a bit but VGHS S1 Ep.9 English subs are ready for your approval! @Daniel and ready for you @SzPeti42 when you’re ready to translate!


Hey Mr. @Daniel of Otero, I finished the Hungarian subs for S01E08 of VGHS! Only one episode left and I can watch them again and hopefully correct all my mistakes (and I hope there will be few :smiley:).


I have to drag you here again @Daniel as I finished the hunsub for S01E09 of VGHS, and with that, I bid farewell to Season 1 and start venturing forth to uncharted waters with Season 2. As that has longer episodes I should slow down a bit, but I’m not gonna stop now. I’m also planning on doing a correcting round, so stay vigilant Mr. Otero!

“Fare thee well, young Theodore, for we drift at daybreak!”


Awsome work @SzPeti42 way to keep it up!



Hey @Daniel, is that normal if my subtitles for episode 4 of VGHS are not approved yet?


Ep6 has got dutch subs ready for approval! @Daniel

^ shut up @SzPeti42 I fixed it!

Edit: I did some small touch ups on the english subs as well, as some things were missing.


OMG! I did not no there’s a Season 6, so that was the trick, everyone was so demanding of a Season 4 they have simply skipped 2 seasons and went for a sixth! :smiley:


@Spica and @Jasper_Cloud done and done


There apears to be a problem! It seems as someone else has also done dutch subs and those got aproved…
And well they’re not very good.

I think all my work on it is gone, so I’ll have to run the whole thing through to correct it… again. Guess I’ll have something to do tomorow -_-

I wonder why it didn’t show them to begin with when I started my translation :thinking:


Pfff… no comment, mate, that’s not a welcome surprise. Y U DO DIS TO US Lord? :smiley:


@Jasper_Cloud sorry man…this product design is really, really bad. It doesn’t tell me who submitted subs, and doesn’t allow me to see revision history, nor does it show me differences when looking at a new version of subs, etc. If I approved the wrong one I’m sincerely sorry, but I’ve spent a while trying and can’t figure out any way to undo or go back to a previous edit.



No problem mate, shit happens.
I’ll pollish this turd into proper form soon.


Sorry about this, it sucks.
It already happened to me a few times, Youtube is not really helping…


No kidding. Man.

The big thing is that we opened up community contributions on YouTube because we know and trust you rad folks, but it’s very hard for me to know which subs are yours. Now that the floodgates are open we’re getting a ton of contributions submitted, and YouTube only tells me the name of the video and the language, not who submitted.

Then if I see subs that, for instance, replace a language we already have covered, YouTube gives me ZERO way to easily see what the difference is between the new subs and the old subs. For 40 minute show episode that means I’d have to sit there with two windows up side-by-side and manually compare each subtitle one at a time.

It’s crazy. That’s an utterly useless system. I’m going to bring this up with our YouTube reps on the next call. I can’t see this continuing to work if I can’t tell which Dutch sub is @Jasper_Cloud and which is some rando on the internet who wrote in the constitution of Netherlands as a joke.


Well I have many concerns about subtitles on Youtube. I started writing them down, problems with solutions, and I was wondering if there is a way to send that to someone at Youtube ?
And if its possible, is there a chance that they would consider changes ?

It maybe sound a bit stupid but it’s better to try, right ?