Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Until that, what if we send a line we know should be unique to us, and you can search for it? And if you find that line, or two if we want to be absolutely sure, then you’ll know it was sent in by us. Of course if Review means you actually get to read them before approving :smiley:


Or have a code phrase or a secret symbol only people on the forums know. Like

“By the Translation Team”


“Contributed by the Rocketeers”



“RocketJump Community Translation Team”



That might work.
We can add it to the subtitled credit we spoke about. “language subtitles provided by name of the RJCTT”

It’s always the first subtitle in an episode so it’s easy to check. Right? I don’t know. Is it @Daniel


That’s fine with me, but honestly just putting in "Subtitles by YOUR NAME HERE" would be fine as well. It’s when I have nothing to go on that it’s a problem.

Up to you guys!


Most Google products have an easy feedback reporting tool but I can’t seem to find one for YouTube. :confused:

As for “will YouTube listen?” the honest answer is “probably not.” It’s not just that it’s work for them that probably doesn’t impact the business (community subs are probably not their money-maker :smile:), but also that they have so many priorities to manage and so much feedback coming from so many places that yours is likely to get lost in the noise.

That said, I actually agree with you here, especially if you’re not writing a 40-page thesis to them. Always worth a shot when it doesn’t cost you much!


@Daniel I fixed the dutch subs for episode 6! Still needs to be aproved I believe.

let me know if you aproved anything, then I can check it :smiley:


Hey @Daniel! I think I managed to finally save and send in the subtitle properly despite Youtube’s attempts to stress me out, so my Hungarian sub for S02E01 of VGHS should be up for approval!


@Jasper are you sure you submitted it? And if so, is it not already live?

I don’t see any VGHS Dutch subs in the review queue…


Approoooooved! 'Tis done. Yay.


Goddamnit! I’m sure absolutely sure I submitted them! And YouTube’s not gone through with it, confounded! Can you remove it alltogether @Daniel? Maybe it’s best if I just do it all afresh…


Nooo! The sub editor strikes again. It’s a pain in the butt, sorry Jasper! :disappointed:


We shall overcome


Just sent Dog Wick english subs, waiting for approval @Daniel. I’ll write french ones later in the day.


And french subtitles are sent too!


Hey @Spica, thanks a ton for your hard work. Is it too late for you to add an author attribution as a first subtitle? I.e.,

Subtitles by: Spica

(Or whatever!)


Do you mean in the video or in the description?
My name is probably in the description and I usually don’t add attributions directly in shorts as the credits are below.

And if I forgot to add it then that’s not that much of a problem.
I’m not doing it for faaame you know.

EDIT: Ok, as a first sub so in the video.


Actually put

Subtitles by: Spica

In the subs themselves so Daniel can identify who wrote the subs


@Spica you can use this template (obviously in the language your subtitles are in)

I think of you don’t want your own name in there you can just put “subtitles in this language by the RJCTT” (rocketjump community translation team) that’ll let Daniel know it’s by one of us (if there are multiple submissions.


I added English subtitles provided by Lucas Vially of the RJCTT and Sous-titres français offerts par Lucas Vially de la RJCTT at the beginning.

I don’t know if it’ll really help as it won’t prevent anybody from adding modifications between the moment I sent them and the one it’s approved.


@Daniel Just resubmitted English VGHS S1E6 subs with the RJCTT credit at the start :slight_smile: