Subtitle Approval Request Thread


Hey @Daniel, the Hungarian subs for S02E02 of VGHS is finally done and ready for approval!

This was the largest DK episode yed, so it took me a while and the timings from the English subs are so all over the place it nearly doubled my time managing how to make everything read properly in Hungarian, I don’t know why I can’t change the timings, just after you’ve approved it, but that’s Youtube’s subtitle maker for you :smiley:


I finally took the time to write something to YT about subtitles, to realize there’s no way to contact them (and by “contact them” I just mean “send an email”).
I wasted my time for nothing apparently.


Uhh, sorry to hear!

Well, it’s not a waste if you ask me, you just practiced writing an email, @cherish would be proud of you! :wink:


Exactamundo @SzPeti42 :clap: :clap:


S02E03 done and dusted! @Daniel


I sent new French subs of Five Nights At Freddie’s with translation of the on-screen text, waiting for approval @Daniel!


Just sent English subs for the D404 teaser trailer!
I didn’t added the RJCTT thing at the beginning as Dez is talking, @Daniel let me know if you need them!



Aaand french subtitles for the D404 teaser trailer are sent.



Hey @Spica, are your Five Nights at Freddie’s subs published or did you just leave off your accreditation at the beginning?


They are not published, I just forgot to add it.


Published. Can you confirm?


They are published!


@Daniel I just submitted English subtitles for Voice Over Auditions.
If you need it the RJCTT accreditation is at the end.

Also I want to thank @Kevin_Nguyen! His help was, well, helpful.



@Daniel French subtitles for Voice Over Auditions are submitted.
RJCTT accreditation is still at the end.


Just sent English subs for the D404 trailer.
The Great Kev helped again.


Just sent the French subtitles for the trailer.
Waiting for approval @Daniel.


Hey @Daniel, I translated the D404 trailer to Hungarian to celebrate the launch soon to be happening (It’s nearly April 4th here already), so it waits your approval.


A bit late but I submitted English and French subtitles for Release Day.

also plz come back daniel i miss u


Submitted English and French subs for Chosen’s Trailer.

cant wait for dat movie


It’s going to be a lot of translating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: