Subtitle Approval Request Thread


I wanted to improve the french subtitles for ep 5 of VGHS but they are locked, does any of you know why? That’s strange as it seems to be the only video with locked subs.


I submitted English and French subs for the Freddie Wong - Fushigi Artist video.
Was a lot of work.


Hey it seems like you can now alter the length of subtitles for the international languages. That makes things so much easier.


I submitted some dutch subtitles for S1 E7, but not for all of it as it seems like there aren’t any english subs for a big part of it and though I can drag and change sub boxes now I cannot create more. Did someone remove part of the english subs? people who already did subs for E7, where there english subs when you did it? I expect so, since you too wouldn’t have been able to subtitle them otherwise.
I’ll dive into the english subs later so I can finish this, but if someone else has time and wants to look into the english subs that’d be great too.


I think episode 7 never had eng subs, I’ll try to work on them during summer.
Still I’d like to work on the french subs but the ep 5 ones are locked.

Come back Daniel damn it.


Submitted English for The Floor is Lava BTS


I don’t think anybody from RJ is watching that thread anymore, so it’s probably not of any use to post here.



It doesn’t hurt to, just so it’s on record.