Summer Break for RocketJump Film School!


Hey all!

If you haven’t heard, RocketJump Film School is taking a break from our normal release schedule just for the month of August.


August Announcement


Throughout the year we try to space out a few carefully-timed breaks that allow us to plan, write, shoot and produce new lessons and videos. Sort of like real school? Except not. But kinda.

We’re excited to start rolling out some more in-depth videos all about film lighting, expanding our VFX basics, and even more words of wisdom on editing from our own Joey Scoma. (And meanwhile, we’re gathering some awesome stuff about the filmmaking behind RocketJump’s new show, Dimension 404!)

BUT! Being gone for a whole month would make us miss you too much, so we’ll still be live streaming on TWITCH all through August every Thursday at 4PM PST. Check out the photos below to see some of the lighting recreations and demonstrations we’ve done on past streams!

We’ll be back to our regular upload schedule September 1st, where we release a new video EVERY THURSDAY. Until then, brush up on what you may have missed, and please come chat with us over on the Film School section of the forums!!

Thanks to every single one of you that make RocketJump Film School a joy to do. Videos will be back, soon!

Lauren, Cherish & Joey

Star Trek
Blade Runner
Hot Fuzz
Empire Strikes Back
Silence of the Lambs
Star Trek (again!)
The Truman Show


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’–I mean, okay, I understand.


Somehow we will survive. Maybe.

Seriously though September should be a lot of fun!


Gives me time to get settled into college! :wink:


Psh settled in…I bet you don’t stay put for the first month you’re there.


That is very accurate hah


Enjoy the well-deserved break! :slight_smile:


“There I wrote in your stupid yearbook, that’ll be $25” -Freddie Wong-

Have a great summer guys!

JUMPIN’ JAX!” -jumpin’ jax-