Supercuts are apparently all over the place right now and I’m not really sure what to think about them so I went ahead and made one myself. I threw together a ton of my favorite shots from Hard-Boiled, bookend it all with some moments in Hot Fuzz, and threw that one Elvis Presley remix on top.

While editing this together I felt like I was editing some weird kind of trailer, but I never felt any urge to try and convey the movie’s story at all. What I did end up focusing on was trying to edit the shots in time with the music to try and create mini “moments” that emphasized what I though were the coolest shots. So in that way I felt like I was making a weird kind of music video.

This is basically just me rambling right now, so I’d love to hear what you all think about supercuts in general. I’ve only recently started watching a handful of them so there’s probably a lot of info I’m out of the loop on. Please leave whatever thoughts you have right here or share some really cool videos you’ve seen yourself.