Teaser for fantasy 90s short (initial ideas!)


Hey guys! Let me know what you guys think from this teaser. I’m really looking forward to getting just the first emotional bytes you get. Nostalgic, confused, happy, sad? Thanks!


No emotion from me, sorry.

What’s your goal?


What vibes were you getting? The teaser is supposed just give a taste of vague ideas. Nothing too concrete; an atmosphere of sorts.


Well the filter feels old, though not necessarily nostalgic, especially with some of the lighting. The people range from random shots that feel a little like corporate stock footage to a druggie vibe. It doesn’t tease much and mainly seems to coast on a sense of nostalgia that I think it misses completely.

What’s the use of a teaser for an unknown IP? How will you tease people who have no clue what you’re showing them and thus no interest. A trailer might work better for you, give your desired audience an idea of what this is and why they’d want to watch it. But that’s how I think about it.
If you do want to tease and there’s people speaking on screen, let them be heard. We bind to people emotionally and it’s a waste not to use that power to involve people with what they’re watching. Sound is your strongest tool.

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, I mean it all in a helpful way. So I hope any of this is of use to you and wish you good luck with your project.

PS this forum is closing down. There is a discord server if you want to get feedback from people on here in the future.