The Bad Pun Thread


Continuing the discussion from UPDATE ON RJFS LAUNCH – Please read!:

And thus, the BAD PUN THREAD has been re-born. @Kevin_Senzaki, I expect you to join in.

Someone before you posted a theme.
Create the worst pun possible to fit that theme.
Post it along with the next theme.

For example, for the theme “bears” I would say “I can bearly believe how bad these puns have been.” Har har. You get the idea. On to the game.

THEME: the ocean

PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)
PHOTOS (share your pretty pics)
Introduce Yourself!

Oh the Humanatee. I wish there was a shaking my head emoji I can’t Sea the appeal to puns though I am Shore a few can be funny, okay I’ll stop being a Beach now.

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YES! i loved this thread, i bet this reboot will be great!


Sweets! A pun thread! This sounds like it could be gum something awsome.
I’d like tootsee the posts that follow!

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Psh, those puns were a no-brainer. I’d be rolling in my grave if I had to deal with a horde of puns like that all the time.

THEME: rain


Thanks for hailing me, Nick!

Well, I’ve poured it over, and I’m glad to see this thread’s back. However, I’d hoped to see some more cirrus effort put into these puns; there’s been a drop in quality I’m afraid, which was enough to cast a cloud over my enthusiasm. Sorry for the condensating attitude.

THEME: pastry


What a bunch of half-baked puns! This has to get butter or it will be over soon. I will give it a chance to rise dough.
I’m sorry if I seem a little puff, I’m just not Choux if this thread should exist if you can’t PHYLOsofise on better puns.
And what do people from other tarts of the world have to say about all this? where are for example the danish?
we need more diversity yolks!

THEME: Sports


Well it’s nice to see Kevin’s keeping score at least.
I used to do a lot of sports actually, i tried archery, but it had too many drawbacks. I tried shooting blindfolded, but it was an aimless pursuit. I’ve been going to the gym recently with my friend, he made a slow start in weightlifting, but he picked it up eventually. He’s pretty proud, he said it’s like a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders.

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So I met this Great Britain guy but he was talking funny and would esSpain anything cause he was so Hungry we left and ate some Turkey but we were Russian but the service was very Slovakian. Italy you it was crazy so Iran back home.

THEME: games


Halo again guys, I have a few things to get off my chess. We’re lagging pretty badly in posts here, not going to console you about it. Shouldn’t be a Shock to the System, but we’re risking this thread being Left 4 Dead. Completely left in de_dust. If Wii Fit some pun-time into our daily schedules, we can keep this topic away from a Burnout. I’m not trying to be Sinistar about it, but we need more than scattered, Solitaire efforts. Even if you’re out of ideas, Triforcing your way through it. Keep an open mind, we’ve had no-scope in our themes and we need to 180 that right away. I don’t want to have to Shepard you through this, but we need to up the post Tali before this thread Wrex itself. LoL.

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You all better get jobs crushing pop cans, because all of these bad puns are soda pressing.


One time I was forest to go camping with in-laws, and I have to admit, it was pretty tents the whole time.

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I used to be pretty highly strung, but since i’ve learned to play guitar, i don’t really fret much.

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It’s going to be hard for me to top hat last pun. I at least felt it was pretty good, anyway. Seem we’re just brimming with puns now, I’m honestly bowled over. You guys hit it right on the head. To cap it off, good work everybody.

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I was a little bit disappointing with the new aircraft design,it was a bit plane.

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This thread is a bit watered down. Don’t you see, we’re milking this idea? I’m surprised I haven’t heard anyone else wine about this. We should put the thread on a beer and lay it to rest.

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I think that would be an astronomically stupid thing to do! just because it’s not lightspeed doesn’t mean we don’t have a little speed going here. Quiting this thread might happen somewhere across time and space, but we mustn’t planet.
Especially not for the solar reason that it isn’t running very fast. It would be like decapitating a child, just orbit.
Let’s keep this thread alive instead of jumping into the black hole that is killing it off.
don’t be a NASA’er!

Next theme: war


Come on guys, give this thread a fighting chance. It might be losing the battle, but it can still win the war. I’m just giving it a shot, don’t let this one bleed out.

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Sign on the door of an internet hacker. ‘Gone Phishing’.

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While hunting my friend and I once shot a wild cat.
It was all great fun, but he insisted on having the head so my day ended with a cat-ass-trophy.

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