The Bad Pun Thread


Cheese Louise! I’m at an Utter loss…(Hopefully there won’t be to many Tybos.) I can’t think of a pun that would Lighvan in the centuries to come. Tzfat simply will not be. But just Bergkase you forgot, their are alot of different types of cheese. You must be getting Feta up with this so, as my saga comes to an end, I Orda myself to stop.

(My source of cheese = Wikipedia)

Next: Automobiles


Candy get a better joke book?

NEXT: penguin


I have zero puns about automobiles. My carma must suck for you to pick that.

Oh man, waddle I do with this theme? I know that a lot of the time my puns just don’t fly, but I feel like I can still pengwin and become the emperor of puns, not to be puffin my ego up too much or anything.

Theme: circus


I’m really going to walk the tightrope with this one, some might even say it’s a little clownesque.
I once visited the reading of an e-book to circus children, it was bassically acrobat reader most of the time.

Theme: the dentist


My flossify is that if a pun is too obvious, I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO USE IT, even if it’s like pulling teeth. We need to make this pun thread more active so yall know the drill, posts up some puns/themes!

THEME: kittens


Ugh, I’m not a big fan of animal puns purr se, but I suppose I might as well post so we can scratch the topic off the list. Get it in the litter pile. Better meow than never. I WILL SPARE YOU ALL FROM ANY PUSSY PUNS

THEME: Winter break (pick your own holidays, or do them all)


First, Hanukkah: I’m gonna shamash this one out of the park, Jew’ll love them! When I was little, I used to play driedel all the time, it was my gelt-y pleasure. Canaan’t stop these puns. Israeli difficult to come up with all this, and I yamakan keep em coming. Now presenting - Christmas puns! My little sister is having a Beethoven phase, so it was a fur elise navidad this year, but she santa paused the music to open gifts, after hearing our myrrh-myrrhs of disapproval.

Theme: ghosts


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. My reaction to no one adding more puns.

Theme: cartoons


I’m terribly sorry Nick, how ghostly unatentive of us. where is our bad-pun spirit?
I’m not to late if I spooke now am I? wouldn’t want to waste the theme without saying some more about it.
Not long ago I was spectre-ateing star wars after watching Ted, then Han made an appiration and I had this spooky thought of a combo of Han and ted. For the following hours my thoughts where HanTed.

Theme: cartoons


Photosynthesis is in my daily root-ine.

Theme: Airplane (s)


Am I missing something? What did that have to do with cartoons? Anyways:

Time flies on a airplane. But don’t expect any fancy meals - they’re all plane.

Theme: Still cartoons


I dunno, I guess “cartoons” as a topic was a tough cel.

Theme: Cartoons (there’s more to be done here)


I’m not sure many people are drawn to cartoon puns. Most of them are pretty sketchy.

THEME: Mountains


I love mountains, I always wanted to climb some with my friends, but they’re not interested. convincing them it’s cool is really an uphill strugle.

These puns are finally getting somewhere though. we need to summit more!
we’re not at our top yet.

Theme: toilets


I dont think that toilets is really a great topic for this pun party we got here, Im afraid my puns might be crap. maybe we should flush the crappy ones out. well I think im just making it worse, Im going to do what people tell me to do and p**s off

Feel free to redo, otherwise I think next topic should be song artists


i want this topic to be more fun like a toi- we cant -let it flush our fillings down the drain If we dont make some great puns. sometimes thinking up ideas is very draining and i really think that we shouldn’t let it get to us, just push through it even if its crap.

well, thats my second flush of puns I could overflow my drained brain with. Im going to do what I said I would do and p**s off.


pssst you forgot to post a new theme :smile:

and you say you want more great puns, but this is the bad pun thread :stuck_out_tongue:


maybe i forgot on my second thread, if you want to do it, my nomination was song/ song artists


I’m a little Disturbed by your toilet humor Mr. Whitesnake, I mean redsnake. Now I don’t want to Rush to any conclusions but let’s get some cleaner humor. I’ve seen threads like this degrade into nothing but a topic on Bare Naked Ladies.

Theme: The Presidents of the United States of America (not the band though)


If I Polk around a bit, I’m sure I can Taylor together a couple Presidential puns! Grant-ed, one would have to be pretty Taft not to come up with anything, but it takes a Truman of talent, a true Arthur and wordsmith, to start Lincoln all the puns together so they just Hoover on the page like a well-manicured Bush row, receding forever into the purple mountain Hayes. Um. At this point I’m just trying to Fillmore space.

Next Theme: Boats