The Bad Pun Thread


Here was me thinking this thread was all washed up, but look at it now, going full speed ahead with the wind in it’s sails. good thing this wasn’t a shipwreck too, I’ve always been quite fond of it. Anyway, just trying to keep the tread afloat.

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ok, back to the pun thread again, and again, I think its high time- we start -machine the puns back together, we wouldn’t want to put this off to the future, especially since we’ve already past so many posts through this thread. well, im going to go back to the, well, you get that joke, id like to see some better threads, it cant go to ship, also we cant get to lazey.

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What do you call a mouse trap? Weapon of MOUSE destruction.

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orange ya glad I didn’t start off with a bad pun? wait… any ways, I’ve always wanted to try a papaya fruit, butta I could never reach one… sorry, computer almost froze. Maybe be cause I was watching nanners in another tab. oh well, I think im just going to steak out here until the next pun comes.


You a pear to have forgotten adding a new theme.
Didn’t you name a new theme because you are waiting for more food puns @mr_redsnake?
Do you mind if I pasta new one?

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sorry ran out of time, had to do that 1 really quick, i keep forgetting that though :stuck_out_tongue:


and anyways, its really hard to train your brain to remember some things, but i suppose I auto just move on to the next pun, you bu-gotta do what you gotta do, now time to go ram on this pun thread, its not like I can a-ford not to.


oh yea, next: household items


What does a hotdog say to a bottle of ketchup when he has to leave? “Well, I hope to Ketchup on things with you soon!”

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my flux capacitor is going shockingly well , you could say its doing so well its a few light years ahead of its time…
(please note, NEVER EVER EVER use "light years " as time instead of a measurement system for distance. I had an astro boy game boy game that made the same mistake)

next: gaming inside jokes ex: cake is a lie and stuff (preferably stuff more complex to the deep gamers heart.)

man, this is getting more complex



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So I barely remember any Pokemon, but there’s gotta be a few great puns to Pik-a-chu from, without getting too Farfetch’d.

Hmm. Uh, I’m Seaking out everything I can, but they’re all pretty convoluted and Ghastly. The concept is sound, but I’m having trouble with the Exeggcution!

Alright, that’s it, I’m getting Drowzee. Good job reviving the thread and being a Super Effective mod, @Nick (I know that’s not actually a pun at all dammit)

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holy pastries, i was rather exited to see a thread reboot and i donut want to see it fade a way again.

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Medical puns always have me in stitches. Especially surgeon puns - those always make the cut. I would never bypass the opportunity to make a pun about heart surgeons. And optometrist puns are truly visionary.

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I seem to have lost my pun-game for a bit. but the thread must not go extinct so I shall try nonetheless.
Some scientists think the dinos might have gone extinct due to a widespread virus, those mighty reptilians died being jurasick.

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Farmers have a tough life, though they work with the grain the barley survive from wheat to wheat.

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I ham let to think of a good shakesphere pun. but I must be able to midsummernightdream some up.
I don’t actually know so much about Shakesphere, all I know is he was pretty good at writing, just killing really.

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I tried to avoid this thread, but I just couldn’t shake it off. It kept coming at me like a dark horse. But I never know what to write; I just stare at a blank space. My puns are nothing fancy, but at least they make me happy.

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Although this topic feels a little deflated I decided not to pass. Time to tackle the task at hand. Actually I should probably just hand off this task to a Lynchpin. Hopefully it is a homerun.

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I once saw group of people, who had been working on setting up a medieval event, chosen to be a jury; they were trying to be fair.

(sorry, I really can’t think of much for this one)

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