The Bad Pun Thread


Seems like everyone’s left this thread because they’ve turd enough already. Yeah, poo jokes, I went there.

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I wouldn’t worry about it; the seasoned pun veterans just eat this stuff up, and I don’t think anyone’s soured on it yet. I do like having some thyme for puns to stew a bit, so I have something fresh to dish out that’s worth its salt. But yeah, I do think I’ve personally been going against the grain and been a’whey more than usual. So, lettuce focus on what kneads to be done, and get this a’maize’ing thread cooking again before it goes to pot. I assume people still carrot all? When the chips are down, everyone’s not gonna chicken out, right? Someone’s going to keep the thread on a roll, right? Ciabatta keep punning, or else!

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I was just waiting for the next post (wouldn’t want to do a double post). Now I’m not saying we’re slaves, but we need to serve this thread a little better.
C3P0 had a nice pair of boots, but then he lost them in a systemcrash; R2D2 had to reBoot him.

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I apologize in advance. But hey, this isn’t the good pun thread.

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Awwww, insects are such a nuisance sometimes, they really bug me! Even when I shouldn’t ladybug me.
I like cat’s though, the egyptians really knew their stuff, decorating everything with cats! catdoors, catwalls, catterpillars; amazing.
whew, got a little overexcited there, almost centipeed myself. CATS!
Long live the bad pun thread and all its ANTiques!

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Since I know nothing about puns, I’ll just give an ad hawk description of myself. I once won a rap tournament. I love to fly kites. I’m so sly, I like to con doormen at hotels. I think it’s best if all of osprey before meals… I’d join Family Feud just to hit the buzzard and I’m probably harrier than you.

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Not theme based, but here are some of the best (read: worst) linguistic puns I’ve seen in one video:


pfffft, countries. There’s just Germany of them! I don’t think I can Finnish this pun topic in one post.
Please, people after me continue this one. I gotta go, olive oil is making my fingers very Greece-y

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how about Obama’s, yes we can’t… :smile:

oops…sorry i went political; really not normal for me; but its just so easy to make fun of gov’t again and again…


I’m China think if there’s any other good ones. Kenya think of any? I’d like to Belize in this topic, and I’m Ghana try, but I don’t think it’s wise Tibet on there being much more left. Not to be Russian to conclusions or anything, but I think we’ll be reduced to Wales of woe if we keep at this. Let’s Thai it off nice and neat.

I’ll be honest, this theme was a Spain in the ass.

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I like rock that has a nice solid beat, not a big fan of beatles music. Luckily good music is never further than a Stones throw away in this modern day where for every musicless moment The Cure can be found in technology. And there’s so much to choose from, it’s just a Blur of bands on the dreamtheather that we call the internet. Wellknown or not, and if you want to know the Who they are you can Rush of to wikipedia, a true Nirvana of bandknowledge, The answer is easily found. But it is true, a lot of the great bands are no longer, could this be the Deep purple of our Darkest Hour? Is there someone killing of good bands? Some Slayer of music, or some Killers of rock, a Poison in our drink? I had to Blink-182 times to believe it for myself but The Darkness of bad music spreads, it is the Stonesour truth. But I say no more! Attack Attack these false Idol s, these Misfits! Their Placebo music no longer ad iMinistris. Good music must be avenged sevenfold! It is a Simple Plan; we, the Offspring of the Green Day’s of music have to kick in the Doors of the music industry and Fight these Foo’s, Rise against this System of a down! When we kick in those doors we’ll go as far as Three doors down to see The Enemy In flames. Rock is my Muse, I will Kiss it and fight for it; guns and roses! And after the Clash if our Prodigy is not reduced to a Puddle of mudd by their Cheap tricks like the Five finger death punch, us megadeth; a Band of skulls. If we indeed still live we will go At The drive in and have ourselfs a Blockparty, some real Panic at the Disco. We will crown a Queen or a King of Leon to rule the land of music and Guide the Bad brains to the salvation that is rock!

(pffffffft that’s about as many as I can fit in I reckon)

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Not trying to be the center of the attention but I just really waned to join so please excuse my mordor!



Maybe I can 1-Up all of the other puns before me?

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It’s Bane awhile! This thread was starting to Wayne a little; let’s try to Hush the dust off and Bruce things up around here. Add some piZsasz. I’d Harley call this theme a Quinner, but I’ll try to put a Dent in it, although Two Face the facts, I’m just going to Clay this one by ear. Maybe I’d better stop trying to Cobble these together; if Hugo too far, the puns just start getting kinda Strange. At least that Freeze us up for the next topic.

Bat is all, folks.

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Mel I suppose I can play my self igniting Gibson guitar on my killer war machine car.

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ha! puns!

splinters are very scary points!


The problem with splinters is that I wood always get them when playing the sHarp. Plus they’re really sHard to get out.

(I’ll see myself out :pensive:)

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Yep we get it, it deserves a spot on this topic. A topic which seems to have run dry, come on there must still be a PUNy amount of puns left.
I’ll give you a new topic since I too don’t know who to tell with gossip.

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Racing drivers always tell me that finishing last really drives them round the bend.

Oh another theme? Let’s try… space


I don’t think you understand the gravity of reviving this thread.

new theme: food