The Case for Color Filters



I have most recently received a large collection of color filter lenses for my dslr canon t5 camera. Recently, a friend of mine and a highly skilled photographer mentioned that color filters are useless to him because all the color effects done with the filter can be done with adobe effects software on a computer with the base unedited footage in tact. Since I already have after effects and other software such as hitfilm, do you think my purchase was worth it? Are there any pros of using color filters rather than editing the color in post?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


I think that if you use the colour filters for shooting you’re much more aware of what you’re doing and why than if you do the effect afterward in an editing program. It is true that if you end up not liking the footage after the fact it’s easier to change it if you didn’t use the colour filters.
The best answer is that if you can get what you want using these filters and are happy using them, they were a good buy. If you and up hating them after using them like twice, they were a bad buy.