The End as we Know it - Aliens invade NYC...again


We’re baaaack again with another strange skit. Living in the big apple has its perks. Having that glorious skyline freely available is one of them!

Let me know what you think! I feel like the pacing was a bit off. I kinda zone out in the middle, but I’ve seen it a billion times so I have no idea anymore. What do you think?


Hahah, nice work! I loved your efficient way of telling a story with big scale involved (great use of select VFX shots and backgrounds/offscreen sound). I’d agree the pacing feels a little funky; I think it’s probably over-long. While you flow from topic to topic nicely, the overall energy level is pretty constant through the short, so considering some fairly aggressive edits to keep the momentum tight would likely be beneficial. But nice work; I enjoyed this one a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:


Two words: Holy Shizer!

That was epic. Too bad you couldn’t add some wind at the end coming from the blast. Other than that … excellent on all fronts. Especially loved the attention to detail with the blue fill light …


I really enjoyed it. Good pacing. Well written. Funny.

Minor point. How would he know it would kill EVERYTHING? For that matter how does he know their intentions are malevolent.