The Good, The Fast and The Furious Discussion (High Planes Drifter)


Its live here:

Hey all. We will have weekly discussions on each of the shorts. So whether you loved it or hated it, or are a complicated human being with a more nuanced response, say it here. And more importantly and far more exciting to me is ask questions and myself or freddie or OTHERS will come and answer those questions.


Matt, uploading your pre-production overheads from The Good, the Fast and the Furious that you shared on twitter, because I think they’re awesome:


I loved the short! The Western take on The Fast and the Furious was really friggen awesome! I wish I had a more intelligent response, but really I just thought it was great. :grin:


Thanks and thanks! Easy posts to respond to :wink:


Great short, but somehow it felt incomplete to me, as if it was a part of something bigger (which it is of course, RJ the show) it didn’t really feel like a short.
Very fascinating though and definitely well executed. I don’t think it will be my favorite short of the series but I suppose it’ll be in my top 8 somewhere whatever happens. I am really looking forward to the silent short.

Okay question time:
Why did you choose to have this be the first short?

What would be needed to make horses actually drift in such a short?

I didn’t quite get the part where Jimmy was dying, can anybody explain that part to me?

What are you proudest of about this short?

(These questions may all be answered by any or multiple people from RJ. And of none do than that’s fine too)


I agree with Jasper in thinking it felt a bit incomplete but still had some extremely well performed and executed sequences.
I was also wondering what was up with Jimmy’s part in the short, or maybe that was the point?
Also, i LOVED the concept you guys were going for with the line of GoPros to get that Matrix-like effect, it looked really great along with the sequence of Sally exiting the pub.
Overall it’s another fantastic short from my favorite studio and i really enjoyed your wild take on the classic Western! Great job!!


Looking back on it - I think we could have started in a more contextual way, like we did with Beach Justice or Pimp My Horse. The idea was like the last 11 minutes of a fast movie. The long beginning that plays the western straight may not have been the most appropriate way. Don’t know. Ultimately it came down to 11 minutes of stuff we like.

Why this short first? It was a toss up between this and next weeks episode (episode 3). As they are the two “largest” in a traditional sense. We wanted something that felt like a bigger version of what we’ve done. However, High Planes looks great behind the scenes wise - its big, expensive, costumes etc. So it made sense. And episode 3 had a more… dramatic behind the scenes and could carry a whole episode. High Planes also was the first episode, so the whole first act of the behind the scenes was establishing the show.

Plates of the horse, 3-4 hours with them, and then about 20-30k of VFX. And it wouldnt have looked good.

Jimmy dying is making fun of those flashbacks where sometimes they even died and just come back to life.

I am happy with the way we shot the horse race itself. It feels fast and dynamic to me, and no one got hurt!


Matt I’ve looked for a solid half hour for a song that was in this episode and came up with nothing at roughly 17:15 when Sally leaves the bar a song plays what is the name of the song and who is it by?


The majority of our music is original and composed for our shorts. In this case, it’s a song by DeStorm Power made for the short that’s not available by any other means at the moment, as far as I’m aware.


Ahh alright that’a pretty cool I do some DJing here and there and I really liked the sound of it but thank you for taking your time to answer my question!


It’s been a common question on YouTube as well; odds are you’ll hear if the full version gets released!