The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


I guess this is a fairly standard topic for forums which discuss films, but I love discussing and hearing about movie opinions. Feel free to use this topic for any films that you just watched, whether that would be in the theater or on a LaserDisc…and everything in between!

I’ll start this one off with my most recent watch: Tomorrowland. I viewed this one on a four hour plane ride to pass the time, but I ended up disappointed and underwhelmed. George Clooney is always reliable, but I couldn’t stand Britt Robertson’s bratty, annoying character. The themes were forced and the plot was nearly incoherent by the film’s end. You could tell the film was trying to be epic, but its hollowness prevented it from being anything more than a bunch of pretty colors. Keegan-Michael Key has a neat little cameo, though.

I wouldn’t recommend it. 4/10


I just came from watching the sixth sense for the second time and man, it was just as powerful as the first. This time i watched it with my mom and she bawled her eyes out at the end. If you ever saw the show the ghost whisperer i think they should do something like that but with haley joel osment as cole for the main character, sort of like a spin off series with cole as an adult murder detective that talks to the dead to solve the mysteries, if anyone else has seen it id like to hear your thoughts! :grinning: 9.5/10


Django Unchained to study the Candy? Candie Land shootout. Quentin Tarantino is a genius.


The last movie I watched was Kingsman: The Secret Service. I really like the movie and it reminds me of the Cornetto trilogy movies that are able to pull of sort of being a spoof of a type of movie but is still good enough to stand on its own even if you don’t understand all the references.


Zombieland, one of, if not my favorite movie ever. I (personally) think that zombie related movies and videos are best done with at least a slight touch of humor. I just think this movie gets that right.


GI Joe: Retaliation. How the fuck is this written by the guys that wrote Zombieland and I hope they do better with Deadpool


Southpaw. Really entertaining movie. It made me care and love Jake Gyllenhaal’s character in the movie. It was predictable but I was still on the edge of my seat at the last fight scene.


Pain and Gain One of bays best movies, I mean not saying much but still he toned down the bayhem (A little bit) and made a entertaining story


Mr. Holmes! Well-acted, beautifully shot, and very heart-warming. As much as I hate how many Sherlocks there are now (Elementary, BBC Sherlock, Guy Ritchie Sherlock), I liked how grounded and real this older Sherlock was.


Mad Max Fury Road: Thoughts - AMAZING


I grew up watching Mad Max with my dad and I was a little put off with tom hardy taking over but man it turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen this year


I shamefully haven’t seen Fury Road yet, and am still kicking myself for missing it in the theater. Perhaps I can get lucky with one of those second run theaters. For me, The Road Warrior is one of the greatest action films of all time so I’ve been itching for Fury Road.


Dude it’s well worth it If you have , maybe you can convince a friend with a nice surround sound and a big T.V. to give it a showing


The last movie I watched was the Hunger gamer : the mocking jay. I didn’t see it before as I was not a really big fan of the 1st film and of the concept. I even thought Divergent was better.
But when I watched Insurgent, I was so disappointed and I wanted to see how the sequels of hunger game were doing…
And now I think it’s ok…there are still a couple of stuff I don’t really like but overall the last film got some funny jokes and some cool moment.


The Cobbler–a clever Adam Sandler movie with some laughs spread out. It was a fun watch–not the greatest film ever (got a measly 5.8 on IMDB) but I think it’s underrated.


You know I caught that a week or so ago on netflix and I really don’t know why It has so much hate . I think that if it had a name like kevin james or such it would have been better received, with sandler if it’s a decent comedy that’s not good enough for most people


I saw Mad Max: Fury Road again last night.

It was awesome. :smiley:


I love fury road but I still say road warrior is he best mad max


The last movie i viewed was Pitch Perfect 2
A musical/comedy, it wasn’t a bad movie and it wasn’t the best either. I really enjoyed the Acapella singing; that was a strong point.
The comedy was good too, but there was one character that came from a more impoverished background and she would reference frequently how much she doesn’t like it. In one scene when all the girls were talking about their futures, she mentioned that she would be deported, try to get a visa, then not, and most likely die at sea. It was funny after a while, but eventually became tiresome.


The Guest (2014)

Not even our pal Chase Williamson can save this ridiculous, sloppy, tasteless film. It starts off as a middling thriller about a soldier with some serious baggage returning from war, and ends up being Friday the 13th with guns and grenades. Do the math with that one. The 90% Rotten Tomatoes score is totally baffling - I must not be getting something.

And for the record, Williamson is shamefully wasted as a character anyway. 4/10