The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


Splinter - it’s a B grade horror flick about an evil, heat-seeking tree besieging a gas station, and it is AMAZING that they managed to make something that sounds so completely stupid end up so completely watchable.

Not going to make your top 10 or anything, but…it’s just…good…I love it when B movies know what they’re doing and hit the mark. There’s a special genius to this kind of filmmaking.


I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.

It was not good. But the podcast Death to Us Blart is funny. So… guess it was worth it?


I saw captain fantastic in the movie theatre today. And I don’t think I can say anything bad about it. I absolutely loved it. No further thoughts, right now it’s all just raw emotion. But by Jove, it lifts you so high and brings you so low and then it gives you equilibrium.



It’s STAR WARS day in my sector of the galaxy, and Rogue One was just great - easily outclassing any of the prequels, at least as good at Force Awakens (probably better…), and nipping at the heels of the original three. There were some problems - as usual, the characters were about as deep as the average puddle in the Gobi desert, and sometimes fan service caused them to make some weird decisions. But - overall - this thing is a magnificent little space adventure…if you’re anything like me, this is the Star Wars movie you’ve been waiting for since you were a little girl under the blankets with a squeeze flashlight.


I’m just gonna leave this here.


Oh yes, definitely a great soundtrack. It’s all right up there with Rey’s theme from Force Awakens, in my rankings. Here it is, if you’re now intrigued, to save you typing it into Google.

Relax your fingers, it’s Christmas.


My mom kept nagging me to watch a Christmas movie tonight…so per Dad’s suggestion, I saw Die Hard!


Die Hard is always a Christmas Day tradition for me and my brother. The last movie I watched was Damien Chazelle’s La La Land and I thought it was fantastic. I’ve had the soundtrack pretty much on repeat since I saw it two days ago (I downloaded it to my phone on the way out of the theater I was that into it) my favorite thing about La La Land is that it is soaked in the splendor and stylings of old hollywood while taking advantage of modern technology to enhance the sense of scope and fantasy. I think one of the best things about it is that it gives more depth to the characters and their emotional development than the classical hollywood musicals while still utilizing their mechanics. I was also completely blown away by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s musical abilities (John Legend was also fantastic but that wasn’t really a surprise). Theres this one tap number in the first act that was so reminiscent of Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts I honestly couldn’t believe it. So yea… La La Land is worth a watch


How much have you been watching Die Hard this year @JoeyScoma?


Oh, I’m beyond intrigued, I bought the album day 1, and been enjoying since :smiley: Rey’s Theme for me is as good as Star Wars music can be, but one shouldn’t deny the whole score a few listens or a second chance, one of my first long write-ups here was actually a kind of review and analysis of this score and some elements of the Prequel scores. You can read it here.


Okay I know I was late to the game on this one but here you go… over the break i finally got around to watching both, Deadpool and Avengers Civil War, for the first time… I know I know!

Deadpool was enjoyable because it knew it was awesome. Like Kick Ass, it had that “super heroes are ridiculous” quality to it that played into the audiences expectations and subverted them. The scene when Deadpool cuts off his hand to free himself from the handcuffs and leaves behind a severed middle finger… perfectly sums up the tone of the film, and I laughed. Now meta films like this can get old really fast, so we’ll see how well it ages in time, but it’s obvious there’s going to be more R rated shenanigans from now on.

Civil War was better than Ultron. The fights felt very routine, because we’ve been seeing the same fight over and over for 20 years. However the final fight with Captain America and the Winter Soldier vs. Iron Man was fucking great. For once in the entire franchise this fight really mattered. It was emotionally charged and was more epic then the biggest explosions and spectacle that proceeded it. That sequence alone delivered the goods. Ant man and Spider man we’re also great and brought much needed levity to the drama. After this film though, I’m not sure the “who are you?” Ant man joke will work anymore. Now I look forward to Spiderman Homecoming and Logan.

Other comic book movies I’ve not gotten around to seeing include: dr. Strange, xmen apocalypse, Batman V Superman, man of steel, Suicide Squad, the Amazing spiderman films, fantastic four reboot, iron man 3, the new sin city, kick ass 2… THERE’S SO MANY!



We had a secretly themed Die Hard holiday party at RocketJump a few years ago. Guests arrived thinking it was just a normal party, then the music screeched to a halt and the voice of Hans Gruber told them they were being held prisoner!!

Guests then were split into groups, cops, cowboys, robbers, etc. and told they had to compete in a series of challenges to see who was going to win, the robber/terrorists, or the good guys! @Trisha was Al and ran the whole thing, I was Holly Gennaro (with a fabulously on point wig), and the one and only @JoeyScoma was John McClane. He filmed and cut together a series of recreated scenes from the movie that told guests the rules and objectives for each of the games.

It was the best holiday party I’ve ever seen. And of course, the good guys won!!!

Die Hard is a holiday movie MUST.


I’d be afraid to be the one guest at the party who doesn’t think it’s a prank, lol.

Oh man, working at Rocket Jump sounds awesome. I’d love to work at a studio like RJ someday.


I caught up on some movies over the break and think that Nocturnal Animals was my favorite move this year. It was striking and disturbing, and has really stuck in my craw.

A few years ago, I read a collection of Ian Flemming short stories, “For Your Eyes Only”. One of the stories was “Quantum of Solace,” which has nothing whatsoever to do with the 2008 Bond movie. One of the characters in the story defines the quantum of solace as “… a precise figure defining the comfort, humanity and fellow feeling required between two people for love to survive. If the quantum of solace is 0, then love is dead.”

This short story is an amazing companion piece to Nocturnal Animals, and I highly recommend you quickly read it before seeing the film. I think the perspective I gained from the story, helped me enjoy the movie on an unexpected level.

Also, Animals is stunning looking! Give it a watch.


I saw it sometime last year but didn’t really enjoy it. It was well shot for as far as I can recall but somehow the characters didn’t feel real to me. A good film perhaps, but not one I enjoyed.


I agree the characters didn’t always seem human to me, but that helped me enjoy it as an art piece. These are not people, they are figures in a painting. (Maybe I’m going up my own butt a little here, but) I thought Ford made them idealized pieces of Art people: the frustrated southern belle who sells out, the beautiful, fragile writer, the cop with a score to settle, the dirty, unpredictable mad man… They were limited because sometimes our depictions of people in art are limited. We don’t give humans credit for being as complicated as they really are and that’s why the characters kept failing. They were idealized metaphors instead of flesh and blood.

Also, I think the short story really provides an interesting lens through which to view the characters and their behavior. If you are interested, read the Quantum of Solace, and let me know if it helps. If not, chalk it up to “Agree to Disagree”!!


LA LA LAND is a totally controversial movie here in actual Los Angeles and I’m having a ton of fun talking to friends about it. Though far from perfect, I thought the film was enjoyable and sweet. That’s my TL;DR opinion but I’d love to get into it with other people here who have seen it!

@Sean_F, I saw your glowing review. It’s interesting - I don’t think the characters were fully developed at all but something about their circumstances made the film incredibly relatable for some people. Are you a fan of the classic Astaire/Rogers musicals?

Also, the songs are total ear worms.

La La Land. Did it take you to a city of stars or was it just another movie in the crowd?

I am a fan of the Astaire/Rogers musicals and I agree that the La La Land characters are far from being well developed but as far as movie musicals go they’ve got a decent amount of depth to them (as in they’re more than just mouthpieces for the musical numbers). When compared to other movies the characters of La La Land are very flat but within the genre (and this is just my opinion) they lean more towards the more developed end of the spectrum.


I loved La La Land. I’m a big fan of musical theatre, and the film just made me happy. I was blown away by the cinematography and choreography in those long takes, and the music was wonderful.

Having not really watched those old-timey musical movies, I could still feel the nostalgia.

Glad to see it win every Golden Globe and take the record for most awards.


La La Land was one of my favorite movies of the year, however I don’t think it’s very… important?

It was a great musical and the callbacks to old school Hollywood were fun because I like the kind 1950s movies they referenced and musical theater, so I was kind of in the bag for this movie no matter what.

We’re in such a divisive time in history right now, so I enjoyed the visceral rawness of this years’ movies. Movies like Moonlight, Arrival, Lion, Green Room, even Swiss Army Man, a movie about a flatulent corpse, made me think more than La La Land. La La Land was therapeutic escapism, and has it’s place, but I don’t think the writing or directing really stood out against a lot of other movies this year.