The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


I’m gonna theatre-geek out on you folks a little and post a shout out to the Hollow Crown series. It’s a series of Shakespeare plays produced for TV by the BBC in 2013 and again in 2016. They are AWESOME and have stellar casts:

Judi Dench
Patrick Stewart
Tom Hiddleston
Benedict Cumberbatch
Jeremy Irons
Ben Wishaw
Michael Gambon
William Hurt
Michelle Dockery

And a million “Oh it’s that guy! I love that guy!” moments

If you love Shakespeare (or want to like it but haven’t been able to really get into it before) you should totally Amazon Prime this action. It’s Soooooo Goooood!


This sounds absolutely incredible. Do you have guys have movie themed parties every year? I would love to participate in something like this.

Out of curiosity, what were some of the challenges at the party?


I watched Oldboy. It was a surprisingly poetic action movie. And that quote at the end…“Even though I am the worst of beasts…” really tied the whole thing together nicely. I felt the movie ran on too long, and still don’t know what to think about the whole insane plot twist, but the ending really resonated with me.

Oh yeah, as Oldboy is famous for that long-take action sequence, I figured that Oldboy would have plenty of them. I was wrong, but still enjoyed it.


Not every year, but the last two at least. This year it was Escape from Sherman Oaks :smiley:


Well don’t stop that tradition, ever.


i have had the habit of watching a movie every night for the past decade or so, there are a ton (mostly foreign these days) that i like. I’ve put together a top 100 list on FB to share w the public and hopefully spread the word on good films that people may not know about. i try to keep it updated but its getting hard as now the 100 that are included are pretty strong for various reasons so when i do want to add one i struggle to pick what to remove in the process.
let me know what you all think -



We’ve done themed parties for the last two years. Die Hard was two years ago and all of the challenges were super silly. We had all of the props or pieces pre-made and set aside so helpers could distribute them quickly once a game was explained. A few examples were:

  • Have one team member tie an empty tissue box with ping pong balls in it around their waist, and shake out all the balls as fast as they can. First team to empty their box wins.

  • Have one team member use their bare foot to put as many marbles into a red cup as possible in 60 seconds. The team with the most marbles in their cup wins.

  • Have one team member put their hands behind their back and remove as many paper lunch bags from a table as possible, one by one with their mouth. The team with the most bags on the ground (and the least amount of cheating) wins.

We had 6 or 7 games which were all physical and absurd. Everyone had a little costume piece we gave them for their teams: cops had badges, robbers had black masks, cowboys had plastic cowboy hats etc. We also made homemade tree ornaments for everyone to take as a party favor. We sewed little sweatshirts, put them on hangers, and wrote “Ho Ho Ho Now I have a machine gun” on them in red. I will take a picture of mine and post it. They came out great!

This year we did a surprise Escape from New York Escape room at an employee’s house. We lured everyone into a false sense of security by saying we weren’t doing anything crazy and it was going to just be a normal party… HA! As If!

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow…


I’ve been really sick all week, so I threw on a movie that is barely known beyond the circles of film nerd Ilsa She Wolf of the SS…and I really have no idea what to say about this abomination. On one hand, it is pure exploitation with frontal nudity, torture, rape, murder, suicide, and various insane combinations of all the above. On another, it’s clear that they paid a weird amount of attention to historical accuracy, and it’s pretty easy to see that this was made in part by the children of Holocaust survivors who were really struggling to reconcile what their parents endured, and - through that reconciliation - produce a freakish 90 minutes of horror that I cannot recommend to anyone but equally could not turn away from.

NOT for the faint of heart…trigger warnings for literally EVERYTHING…but I will never forget this movie - it’s absolutely unforgettable.


I’m kind of leaning towards this opinion on LA LA LAND. Not to turn this into a LA LA LAND-themed thread! But yeah, while I enjoyed the film IMMENSELY (all the tears), I feel like it’ll live on the memories of the people who love love loved it but not in the greater film pantheon.

It’s a wonderfully ambitious and passionate movie, which makes it so likable, but I do feel like the best director and best screenplay awards are a little undeserved. MOONLIGHT or even ARRIVAL are stronger candidates for those categories.


Last two movies I watched were The Fugitive and Idle Hands.
Idle Hands is as ridiculously funny as I remember it when I first watched as a kid.
The Fugitive is amazing and yet I still have trouble seeing why Tommy Lee Jones won an oscar for it (shameful I know, but considering some of the films he was up against that year I can’t really justify it in my mind. Still think, however, that he was robbed when it came to In The Valley of Elah). My favourite scene will always be the water drains while they’re in the dam scene. Everything about it is just so well put together.


Ok second-last movie, but Ex Machina really went under my radar last year, but my friend had the blu ray, so we checked it out. That movie is a masterpiece honestly. So thoughtful and well done. All around, a solid 9/10, would def recommend.


So…you guys hiring?

I’m only partly kidding. This sounds super creative. What a treat for everyone at the end of the year.
This topic does give me an idea, though…this site has grown considerably in the few years since its inception. Would you guys consider implementing any Rocketjump meetups for members of the site?


i need to give idle hands a rewatch for sure


Have you heard of his next project? It’s based off this really great book ANNIHILATION. Would really recommend reading it if you’re looking for some very different sci-fi / want to check it out before the movie comes out.


I really enjoyed this one. The scene with Oscar Isaac dancing with the robots was awesome and gross… Good post!


Don’t you worry! We’re cooking up some great ideas for meetups. Keep your eyes peeled on twitter and we’ll let you know when and where.


This year for our holiday party, we surprised everyone with an Escape from New York Escape room at @LaTriceJ’s house. @JoeyScoma was (of course) Snake Plissken, @Trisha was the crazy guy who carries around the President’s finger and told people the rules and objectives, @LaTriceJ was the Duke, and I was a stunningly handsome Bob Hauk (in a bald cap and mustache).

We said that Air Force One had crashed into Sherman Oaks, and everyone had one hour to solve all the puzzles in the house to find the President, the tape with the nuclear info on it, Snake’s pardon, and the antidote for Snake (if you’ve seen the movie, these things make sense).

We did different rooms of the house up like different locations in the movie: Police HQ, Air Force One, The Theatre, The Lab, and The Streets, and filled each room with 6 or 7 different puzzles which would, if solved correctly, would lead guests to a piece they would need to escape!

The Theater, for example, was @LaTriceJ’s living room. She has a lovely room with a sofa, a fire place, and a piano. It was beautifully decorated for the holiday.

The puzzles:

On the wall, we hung pictures of characters from the movie Walk the Line. Different shoes hidden around the room matched different characters ie: blue sued shoes for Elvis, sequined high heels for June etc. If you found all the shoes and put them in order under the character’s pictures, letters on the soles said “Put your feet up but be sure to take off your shoes.”

This led guest to the ottoman. Inside was a lockbox with the word “Help” on the outside.

On the mantle were rolls of raffle tickets and a blank crossword puzzle. On the backs of the tickets were crossword clues that if put into the puzzle spelled “CURTAIN”. Taped to the back of the curtains was a small key.

Under the Christmas tree was a locked Ukulele case. The key from behind the curtain opened the case. Inside were cut up lines of sheet music.

On the end table was a scrap book. Inside were pictures of famous theatres from around the world and an envelope of names and addresses. One number in each address was highlighted. If guests matched the names and addresses to correct the correct theatres and looked at the highlighted numbers, it gave them the code: 3417.

Hidden in the sofa cushions was a four digit hide-a-key. If guests plugged in 3417 into said hide-a-key, it opened, and gave them more pieces of sheet music.

If the guests arranged the sheet music, they got “The Entertainer”. If they played it on the piano, the last note sounded funny. Something was taped to the string in the piano… Another little key!!

That key opened the lock box from the ottoman, and inside was THE PRESIDENT!!

Each room had puzzles like this, and the 30 or so guests of the party worked in groups and solved them all. They escaped, the President was freed, and Snake was given the antidote and was pardoned.

Below is a picture of the President’s finger. Inside it was a clue that started the whole game. It was my very favorite prop, and @Trisha keeps it on her desk.

Sorry for my novella of a post here, but it was a fun night and @Trisha, @LaTriceJ and I worked hard, so I wanted to tell you all about it!

Go watch Escape from NY so I can say this post was in fact about a movie!


Haha, blackmail at it’s finest. That party sounds insane.

I’m currently rewatching Deep Blue Sea and I have so many questions - the main two being “how would the shark know that flooding the facility would bring down the fences?” and “did the shark know the fences above the water level weren’t titanium?”


Just saw Rogue One again

My thoughts exactly


A Bullet for the General - if you know anything about spaghetti westerns, you will probably have heard of this one, but it’s one of the rare Italo six-gun films that I can actually recommend. This movie is pretty explicitly socialist, and a damn good buddy movie to-boot. Between the aggressive masculinity, weirdly dubbed dialog, and canned gunshot sound effects is a very sober analysis of mid century Italy and what it means to be a ‘hero’.

As usual, I’m all about that B movie madness…your movies are too ‘good’ for me - bring on the cheese!