The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


Movies over the weekend:
John Wick - appropriate reaction to someone killing a dog. Was an absolutely brilliant action movie. Way better than I thought it would be (hence why I put it off for so long); definitely can’t wait for the second one now.
Arrival - easily one of my top 5 movies of 2016. The ingenuity of how they used the cutaway scenes to impact the story was great - completely different to how I thought it would turn out. Amy Adams did a great job; still a bit confused on some plot points (but had to stop halfway through and pick it back up again a few hours later), will definitely have to pay better attention during the second viewing.


ARRIVAL is probably my favorite movie of the year so far (still have a lot more to see) and Denis Villeneuve is hands down one of my favorite directors working right now. Just a beautiful film with a wonderful message. Villeneuve has that incredible ability of holding up a mirror to the audience after each of his movies and asking them who they are and how do they relate to the story they just saw. It makes me happy that it got made.

Love JOHN WICK. Great sense of humor and the action is a total bast. Also Keaaaannuuu :heart_eyes:


Why is it so controversial? Like people are split on it or?


I saw Your Name with friends during the week-end and it was pretty good!
Beautifully animated, well-written, sometimes funny…
If you like japanese animation and haven’t seen it yet, go watch it.

I was supposed to go watch La La Land just after. The movie is still not available in theaters in France but I was able to book a few seats for the premiere (a bit expensive, but worth it?). Unfortunately the premiere was on the 21th of January, and not the 14th, we realised that at the last moment. :sweat_smile:


I know I’m re-upping my own post here, but I just watched another play in the series and they’re soo gooooood! You gotta see this old school British action. Fuh realz!


Oh yeah, those are awesome. Have you seen that Frankenstein play starring Jonny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch as both Victor Frankenstein and the monster in different performances. It was something else. It’s worth it just because of the two Sherlocks :smiley:


I saw that in theatres twice (both versions). So great. The soundtrack was amazing (still trying to find a digital download for it). I think I liked the version where Miller was the creature and Cumberbatch was Frankenstein more - only because Miller’s Frankenstein felt (for lack of a better word) odd/wooden to me.


Last movie I watched was Sharknado… and I wasn’t sure what did I just watched. LOL. It was glorious in its own way, and it was hilariously fun. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed other B-movies I’ve watched, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing because I think it’s just down to personal taste. I think that’s all I can say to that though :joy:


I’ve seen it a couple of times and think it is really special. Have you seen the rehearsal footage/interviews they released about the making of the production?


Yes, I agree, this is one I would’ve loved to see live in the theatre. I think I saw one when it came out, but not recently, no, only the one I linked on my previous post. So if you have something cool to share with me, don’t hesitate! :slight_smile:


Assassins creed. I have to say that I am glad I haven’t played the games yet, because I actualy quite enjoyed it.
It has some very stunning visuals. Not that anything else was really all that memorable, but damn those were some stunning visuals!


The problem is Ezzio’s character, story, and setting was so charming, that it’s kind of a shame it’s completely different.

The first trailer with the second game’s soundtrack makes me think of a movie I would want to see. But unfortunately it’s not like that.


I watched Hidden Figures this weekend and LOVED it. It is a really beautiful movie that shows incredibly smart women working to better themselves, their families, and their country despite adversity at every turn. Great performances, beautiful cinematography, and production design; take a look! I ended it thinking of all the steps that I can take in my life right now to improve. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so encouraged by a movie.


Saw the great wall yesterday, it was… Colourful.
There was action and colour. They sort of got a good explanation for having people like Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe in there but they still felt a bit out of place. And no characters were really all that memorable.
I liked the eastern mythology perspective of it, but in the end it was just massively underwhelming. It was a near apocalyptic event but never really felt like it. It didn’t feel as if anything was at stake.

Not bad, but not great either.


The Tenth Kingdom - an awesome little cult fantasy mini series that I re-watch from time to time (and never seem to get sick of). Also, unlike most of the stuff I seem to spend my time watching, this one is NOT filled to the brim with sex and violence…there are tons of D grade CG effects, but did you really think I was going to post here and NOT suggest garbage? Seriously - watch more garbage, people!


Ok 3 movies for the week:
Drive - All I knew going into it was it was going to be violent and not a lot of talking from Gosling’s character… and maybe some cars. It did not disappoint; thoroughly enjoyed it.
Hoodwinked - this movie is so stupid I bloody love it especially the different spin it puts on fairy tales. It’s definitely out there for something that is marketed as a kids movie.
Dreamhouse - this is a difficult one to judge as it has some obvious plot holes that if thought about impact greatly on the story, but if you’re able to ignore them the story is still interesting.


Saw the new shamalamadingdong movie “split” last Thursday and thought it was quite interesting and a great performance from James McAvoy.


Children of Men


The famous tracking shots and long takes, the powerful cease fire scene.

10/10 would recommend


I finally got around to watching Trainspotting (1996). Love how bizarre and gross this movie is.