The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


John Wick 2, jesus christ. Brutal movie, great action.


Very late to the party, But I watched Finding Dory. It was so cute and adorable at the beginning. But also was pretty cool how moving along in the movie, she remembers more and more.


The latest season of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix is crushing it. I absolutely laugh cried last night when a kid with asthma almost died, Linda got carried away while picketing and said inappropriate things, and Louise and Bob bonded over their shared misdeeds. It is sooo goooood.


I watched El Incidente today. Watching it I’ve started to have this nagging feeling almost instantly that it’s so similar to Lost even when the actual premise and the story is completely different, and then I’ve started really listening to the music, and yes, it’s literally Mexican Lost :smiley: In a philosophical sense mostly, the characters here are stranded in an infinite loop (a staircase), and I don’t mean this phrase in a degrading way, it’s just what it is. It was rather interesting in its own way, only the music was bothering me. In some places it’s almost note-for-note Lost, the orchestration is too similar (Lost was known for its unique collection of instruments, harp, violin section, double bass, trombones, percussions, a piano, and not much else, so it’s easy to distinguish if something uses something similar), the themes are almost identical, the way it builds tension or emotional power is the same, I suspect it was temped all the way with Lost music.

After seeing it I confirmed my suspicion, the main guy behind the movie is a huge Lost fan, who did cosplays, theory writings during the show’s runtime, so it all makes sense.

I think we have someone who lives in Mexico, @Marcos_de_Manantial, do you know this movie, have you seen it?


I have not seen it, and I’m not sure if I will. I was a big fan of the first 1 1/2 to 2 seasons of Lost (before I realized it was a J.J. Abrams reboot of Gilligan’s Island). Then I just “lost” interest. :wink: Technically, Lost is an amazing series. I think the story became unsupportable (for me). At its heart, the show is an ongoing puzzle. It became too much of a chore to figure it out and keep track of all the clues. I became disengaged.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that people were cosplaying Lost. Cosplaying is just something people do. It’s a hobby. Like many hobbies, it can turn into an obsession. That someone was obsessed enough with something that he made a derivative and unoriginal “original” movie doesn’t surprise me one bit.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, while fanfic doesn’t interest me personally, I think it’s an important part of Fandom. It might even be an important development of the Literary Tradition (who knows?). But aping something without giving proper credit or attribution or even a wink? That doesn’t set right with me.

As a creator (among other things), I need to take care not to let my last favorite thing I read influence me too much (unless my intent is to write fanfic, I guess). That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t steal ideas from my favorite writers. Of course I should! I just would feel ashamed to closely imitate an entire work. That’s not really stealing an idea. That’s copying.


Well there were plenty of winks, like the car’s license plate being something like OCE-815 (Oceanic flight 815 from Lost), and a science book used similarly like Lost, but the story was different and mysterious enough, so apart from the music it wasn’t that unoriginal. And the director was very open about the Lostness of it all, so he wasn’t trying to hide ot it or present it like something different.

Yeah, when you watched Lost as a mystery show, that could become boring, but as an emotional character drama for me it’s one of the best there ever was, episodes like Constant will be with me all my life. The mystery part was just a distraction. Which is a completely different matter in El incidente, which is completely about the mystery and we don’t really get to know the characters.


I finally watched Stephen Chow’s King of Comedy a few nights ago (it’s on Netflix.) Classic Stephen Chow, and a BRUTAL audition scene…


I’ve been watching the new FX series Taboo starring Tom Hardy.

I am a huge sucker for historical dramas, and have really enjoyed the first five episodes of this one. London at the turn of the 19th century, the honorable East India Trading Company, The Crown, American Indians, whores, hit men, code names, black magic, and shady chemistry… it has been quite a ride, and the season is only halfway through!

They’ve posed more questions than they’ve answered so far, so I hope they are able to finish strong and wrap things up satisfyingly, but only time will tell. For now, I’ll just continue to enjoy watching Tom Hardy trudge around in the mud. :slight_smile:


I have also been watching Taboo,
I have not long seen episode 2 and I am Hooked!
I’m hopefully watching episode 3 tonight if I get the time!
if you enjoy Tom Hardy in this id recommend giving ‘Lawless’ or ‘Child 44’ a watch they are both amazing films!

The last movie I watched was ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ this film I thought was amazing, this is my favourite instalment on the ‘Underworld’ Films series on par with ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’

If we are talking about current T.V. series my top 4 would have to be: Game of Thrones(HBO), Vikings (HISTORY), Lucifer (AMAZON) and Black Sails (AMAZON).


I’ve recently been on a David Fincher spree. My God that man is a genius. I just finished watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Masterpiece.


Oh man! The opening credits of that movie are insane!!!


Watched Creed. Such a surprisingly heartwarming human tale of legacy, life, mortality, finding yourself while respecting the past all with the usual Rocky flavour. Kudos to Michael B. Jordan, great performance from him, and a lovely score which is close to the classic Rocky tunes or orchestrations while also providing a fresh, more modern look. Even if you know all Rocky movies and the tropes of those films, this is a great watch.

One thing I laughed at really loudly is when right before the big match he was being introduced in Goodison Park (which is the Football stadium of the English Premier League side Everton), somebody from the crowd shoved a big red Liverpool FC scarf into the frame, which is Everton’s arch rival team, I don’t know how it got in, but all I can say is that they were really brave and probably pissed off a lot of Everton fans :smiley:


I watched Deepwater Horizon last night. It’s the 2016 Peter Berg movie starring Mark Whalberg about the oil rig that blew up in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

It was AWESOME!! I started watching it expecting nothing, and was blown away (no pun intended). The cast was fantastic, the effects were stunning, and the story kept me engaged the whole time. If you missed this one in theaters, as I suspected many of us did, take a look. I had a blast!


American Movie. It should be a must-watch for all beginning filmmakers.

It won the documentary Grand Jury Prize for Sundance when it was released. It’s a story about this one guy who’s tired of his limited life and decides to fully apply himself to finish the movie he’s put on hold for years. The movie is sweet, funny, and sad, and now that I’m writing about it, and I wish that I could repeat the experience of watching it again for the first time.

Also features some of the best characters and quotes from any movie I’ve seen in a while, even though it’s a documentary.

Not many people have heard of it, which is one of the reasons why I’m mentioning it here.


I’ve never heard of this, but your description makes it sound awesome! I will definitely give it a look-see.


Watched on Netflix “I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore” - it’s on Netflix.

Worth it for some good directing flourishes (Macon Blair, who has been in Jeremy Saulnier’s stuff like Green Room which was excellent), and a very very very bloody, brutal, and well executed shoot out in a house near the end. Kind of suffered a bit from what I call “quirky character syndrome,” which is like… if a character has like a bunch of quirky things and it feels like they’re kind of quirky for the sake of being quirky. It’s tough - sometimes a good actor can reel that in and make you believe it, but other times, it feels a bit artificial, which is how I felt about Elijah Wood (although it was very fun to watch).

The best bits of the movie are when it’s being humorous. Weirdly enough, it doesn’t quite pull off the brutal tense shit like in Green Room, but it’s way funnier.


I watched Nocturnal Animals last night for the first time and I am still contemplating it. I cannot get it out of my head. I’ve asked a friend to watch it so I have someone to talk to about it because I was - and still am - absolutely floored by it.
I do however feel like the two stories would have been better off being told separately (even though I know it’s based off of a book). I feel like Amy Adams stuff detracted from the impact that the story she was reading (we were watching) - which is weird because she was supposed to be the focus of the movie. But honestly the story within the movie and it’s characters are what had the most impact and that’s why it’s starting with me so much.

I also watched The Nice Guys tonight. I haven’t laughed that hard at movie in so long. I had to pause sections of it and trying some parts because I missed what was going on I was laughing so much. It’s not a perfect film but it’s thoroughly entertaining.


Just saw the movie " The Battle Of Brittain" from 1969.

I was suprised with how well it holds up. The scenes with the aircrafts were great! I really enjoyed the movie.
The performances by the actors were also really great. Cinematography also really good for its time.
I would really recommend it if you like some of the old war movies.!


I’ve been out for a while, so let’s get the cult movie train back on the rails, shall we?

Peeping Tom (1960)

Well known but rarely seen, this old British thriller is well worth hunting down. It caused serious controversy when it was first released due to the fact that the protagonist is an unrepentant psychopath who preys on young women. It also depicts nude photo shoots, discusses infidelity, and utilizes a first-person perspective (the killer’s camera) to make the audience feel as though they are the ones committing murder. It was openly dismissed as smut until decades later - when film giants like John Carpenter ‘rediscovered’ the movie and brought it back into the daylight. The level of mastery in every aspect of this film is truly astonishing…easily one of the greatest horror films ever made - a true masterpiece well-deserving of the monicker of ‘classic’.

The Iceman Cometh (1989)

This is trash to be treasured - a really fun HK Kung Fu flick about a Ming Dynasty warrior who hunts his adversary across time. Lots of stupid laughs, lots of insane stunts (I really hope the doubles were paid well), some excellent fights, and a whole lot of cheesy fun. There’s a very good reason Ozzy named one of his albums after this gloriously ridiculous movie.

Misery (1990)

A cult classic that defines cult classics. Kathy Bates plays the role she was built for - Annie Wilkes, an obsessed fangirl who nurses her idol (a novelist) back to health but turns a bit crazy when she discovers that her favorite character will die at the end of his next novel. The darkness creeps in slowly but it creeps in deep, and Bates’ ability to turn from sweet to sour at the drop of a pin makes her a believable and powerful antagonist. This is one that you’ve probably seen on ‘best of’ lists but never bothered to watch, and I’m here to tell you - bother.

Otis (2008)

A genre-defying, head-scratching, thoroughly insane tale about a pizza delivery driver who spends his spare time meticulously re-creating his older brother’s prom night with involuntary guest stars. If I have to pin a genre on this, it’s a horror-comedy, but it’s so anomalous that I feel like I’m doing a disservice. Otis features an outstanding soundtrack, an irreplaceable story, and - for the gamers out there - a young Ashley Johnson (who killed it as Ellie in ‘The Last of Us’). It’s one of these movies that was made in the wane of both theatrical releases AND dvd, so it’s one that very few people have actually bothered with, but I absolutely loved this wacky ride-to-hell.


I like your take on this. I’d still see it, and in a way, now that I know what to expect I think I’m going to be less disappointed when I watch it.