The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


Yeah I agree with you esp. on the extraneous sequence (Canto Bight?). I personally think this is one of the best Star Wars movies. It feels fresh. I enjoyed Rogue One and the TFA, but this is another level for me. I’m a bit confused on a lot of the backlash for the film, possibly because of all the twists and turns?


Naturally, with a franchise this large and loved, it won’t please everyone. From what I’ve seen around on social media, it seems some are unhappy with a few of the new introductions to the lore of Star Wars, the force, and the direction taken for some characters.


Finally saw Swiss army man. I had been wanting to see it for a long time and when I saw it was on Netflix I just had to watch it right that second. Here’s what I thought of it:

My ★★★★ review of Swiss Army Man on Letterboxd

This movie is unequivocally weird and wonderful. Its premise is of a fantastical kind but through the bizarre and funny it manages to stay grounded in its story for the love of love and simple things. It goes from absolutely bonkers to quite profound in seconds. It actually manages to make you think about life in a meaningful way.

What I thought was best about it was that, from the beginning, it all felt like a fever dream that will have to come to a stop by the end of the film. And when the end comes, you find yourself not wanting to give it up. You want the magic to be real.

Inventive, weird, real, and over all beautifully crafted.


This is a pretty bold statement, but definitely one of the best and original soundtracks of the 21st century.


I’ve only played the sequel :sweat_smile:


Just finished watching “I, Tonya”! Here are my thoughts:

Now I don’t like swearing in front of kids, but holy shit. I, Tonya is by far one of the most enjoyable bio-pic I’ve watched in a while. The film revolves around an Olympian Figure Skater, Tonya Harding and how she mistakenly got caught up in a threat that went to shit.

From the beginning of the film, we are introduced to the characters in a documentary type of style, an interview between each integral characters involved in the story. This style adds an additional level of context of situations from different perspectives, as well as adding a humor aspect to the entire gag.

The performance all around was great. Allison Janney, portrayed as LeVona Harding, did an amazing performance as a selfish yet loving mother. Margot Robbie did an amazing job portraying a badass figure skater who won’t take two shit from anyone.

Another thing that I appreciate was the music in this film. The music selection was superb and had me searching through the soundtrack by the end of the film.

I also have a LetterBoxd account @daichisakane so please hmu (i follow back!) This is my second movie review I’ve made so far so sorry if I’m being a bit of a “graceless bull dyke.”


The last movie I saw was “divergent”.
My thought: “Urgh! The book was better.”


But why was the book better? Where did the film fall short? What didn’t work? I know you want to write, trying to answer such questions and thinking more deeply about the movies you watched can really help you gain more perspective and better insight. Give it a try.


@Jasper_Cloud The most films sucks when the “copy” a book. Harry Potter and Hunger Games are good because they have the atmospehre like the book. Look at—when you find some—fan arts that were drawn before the movie was released.


Insurgent was the last movie I watched. I was disappointed because the first one was so good than the second one triss seemed messed up. The simulation was cool but that was the only decent part. I can’t wait to watch the third movie and if it’s better than the second one.


For a recent movie it seemed good it has a great storyline and plot. I didn’t read the book I will buy it seemed like a decent movie overall


A movie I just saw that surprised me in how much I liked it, regardless of how predictable it is.

We notice what’s in the foreground the most and it’s not very good. But if we keep an eye on the background too, it becomes enjoyable. I tend to take many aspects of a movie into consideration as to how much I like it. I’ll tell you I liked this one.

My ★★★½ review of Overboard on Letterboxd


Directed by Wes Anderson

Now if ever there was a film that screamed Wes Anderson at you…
It’s interesting to see his style in this setting.

I don’t have much else to say about it right now. Somehow this film didn’t really connect with me. Maybe I got lost in all the detail, though that might actually improve the film in future viewings. Maybe Anderson’s dry humor didn’t do it for me with this story… Or this story didn’t do it for me with Anderson’s dry humor.

At times it feels like Anderson’s directing style might be doing disservice to the incredible array of talented people working with him. Like it’s holding them back from delivering a really strong performance. If not that then at least it is making it difficult to become emotionally invested with the characters. Whatever it is, it’s a conscious decision from the director. Maybe that’s what’s not working for me, as I love films I can get really invested in. Where the performances resonate with me rather than giving of of a dull hum.

It’s definitely worth the watch for the style and amount of artistry on display. And I always like stop motion so that’s a plus too.

Okay maybe I did have something to say about it.
I don’t know… It’s good… But I can’t yet say I like it. I hope it grows on me.


I watched the greatest showman it was amazing. It had a great story, and it was base off of someones real life. The music was amazing. It also had really good lighting if you haven’t seen it yet your missing out 10/10. Here’s the trailer link


While I also thought that movie was super entertaining, my thoughts about it were more in line with this review I read on letterboxed:

What are your thoughts on the points it brings up?


I watched love, Simon today. It’s not out here yet but I got to see it in a sneak preview and I’m really glad I did.

I wrote a review on letterboxed, here’s an except:

I left the theater brimming with energy and joy. That, to me, is a testament to this movie, because everything that impacts us is important. This film is important.

And the full review:
My ★★★★½ review of Love, Simon on Letterboxd


I have to disagree with you a bit, no matter how much I would love to love Simon, I just can’t, I like his style, but he’s too inconsistent, with a bit more clutchness and determination he could’ve had a Hewitt-like career.



Oh they definitely cater to the feelgood side of things a little too much. But I always cared more about movies as a whole, judging them not only by character and story, but cinematography, sound and design as well. I don’t really care for Simon, but I really like the movie as a whole.

I might be tired and missed the whole point of you making jokes about tennis players lol :sweat_smile:, nevertheless love, Simon is a delightful movie.


The last movie I watched was a German one. So, don’t wonder about the Name. It was Vampirschwestern 3 (eng. Vampire sisters 3). For a children movie it was good.