The Last Movie You Watched...and Your Thoughts!


I’ve never been to a Vue sneak preview as I’m not really a gambler :grin: Do you like them?
I saw Arrival at the InScience festival last week, they showed a lot of science movies like the Martian and Interstellar, too. Nijmegen is a pretty good city for film even though there’s no film school there.
Any film communities in Deventer?


No film communities that I know of. I have not heard of it before anyhow. Maybe groups of people who know each other and go to the the (movie) theatre, or filmhuis together. But with netflix and stuff these day… There are no groups of critical viewers.

I quite like the sneak preview and the fact that it’s often a gamble (though one with pretty decent stakes of winning, I’ve only walked out of one and I go nearly every week (it was a dutch one and I’m not a fan of our local cinema)).
Sometimes it’s a big movie that’s coming out in one or two weeks. Sometimes it’s a film that isn’t even showing in major theatres in the netherlands. Or even one that has been out a couple of years but never played in the netherlands. It can get quite filmhuis-like.
i think it’s a wonderfull experience for a good price, that you can really go into with an open mind.


I’m going to see it tomorrow with some friends. I’m excited!!


“The Pursuit Of Happyness”. My thoughts: I’m very invested. For a while I felt stuck and questioned my abilities to filmmaking. But after watching this movie, It has answered a few of my questions due to the main character being very relatable to myself. He persevered through everything because he believed in the Happiness he was looking for. Even to the point of nearly losing that happiness after everything that happened. Though at times the son was comedic relief, he played a very important role showing or characterizing the happiness he was trying to protect. I started realizing how as Chris’s Reality started to sink in, he had nothing but his creativity and imagination to pull him through the toughest of times. Definitely a good watch and I’ll be watching it again for inspiration. Though my explanation isn’t too technical, just like the movie, Its strong suite is the emotion.


True, it’s a little hard to find critical viewers. Even harder to find people that actually want to produce content.
I think I’ll try the sneak preview next week :slight_smile:


You should try it at least twice I think, in case they have a bad one the first time :sweat_smile:
Maybe we can meet up someone and visit a preview together.

Oh and the producing content thing is very true


Sure! Sounds good to me :slight_smile:


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This was a very unique experience, and it’s the first Coen movie I’ve seen. Really great soundtrack, and I liked some of the plot twists.

The KKK sequence was spooky…


Just got back from Dr. Strange…and they used every single trick that is possible in a movie…they had rotating rooms, wires, lights, practical effects, stunt jumps, fire tricks, water tricks, reversed footage, fast mo’, slo mo’, kung fu, a weighted Tilda Swinton dummy, terrabytes of CG, and somehow STILL had enough budget left to wreck an Italian sports car.

…and the rest of us are over here like “No - it’s cool…a drinking fountain definitely counts as craft services”


Pursuit of Happiness is great. Really enjoyed it. Not sure why, but it always really hit home for me.


I watched Bridge of Spies recently with my father. I’m a big fan of Spielberg, and Tom Hanks is maybe my favourite actor since I can remember (so early 90s :smiley:) , so I’m sure I’m a bit biased on them, but I just loved this movie. I don’t know why so many people have thought that it’s only meh, or boring or whatnot, I know I can get easily distracted, but this had so much dramatic tension without firing a single bullet that it glued me to the screen. The cinematography was great as always, the directing, the acting, the overall production quality, everything (the lighting as well as demonstrated by the RJFS crew on one of the past streams :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m gonna be a bit spoilery.
And it was about a really interesting historical period. My father was born exactly a year after the Hungarian revolution against the Soviet Union, and he spent his whole youth in that regime, so we know these stories all too well, but from the other side, everything was anti-US, anti-West back then, you couldn’t sing the national anthem just because, that sort of stuff. It wasn’t as dramatic as the US propaganda probably had told you, and it loosened up after the 60s, but it’s still a dodgy era of human history. It was so interesting to see all this from an American perspective, I really loved what Hanks’ character represented, that every individual should share the same procedure as we’re all human beings first, and we should always take the high ground, and even Soviet spies are just doing their jobs for what they believe in, and they will face the consequences for their actions just like anybody else. Then of course the accident happens, so the plot shift to the tension of a US lawyer negotiating prisoner exchanges in West and East Berlin with the Russians and Germans, and it’s so weird to see someone going from the west to east :smiley:

One more thing I love about Spielberg (or his writers :D) is the subtle human humour. When our hero comes back from all that tension, all that hard work, all that uncertainty, his wife - who thinks he was in London the whole time – immediately asks him about the jam she had wanted, but of course he wasn’t in London, so he gives her jam he’d bought from the corner shop, and then goes up to his bedroom while we follow the family as they learn from the news what he’d managed to accomplish. His wife immediately goes up to his room to congratulate him but finds him sound asleep in his clothes. It is such a funny, heartwarmingly human scene that I can’t help but laugh, while smiling endlessly. Maybe it’s just me, but I love this kind of humour.

One fun fact before I get off. This was the first Spielberg film in a loooooong time that did not have John Williams as a composer. He was in the process of writing Episode VII when he had to undergo surgery for a pacemaker and various back problems (he’s 84, so that can happen), and his recovery period and the contractual duties on EPVII intersected with the scoring of this, so he had to pass. It was given to Thomas Newman, who you should know from American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption, or more recently from the newest James Bond movies. He tackled it with grace, restraint, and produced a score fitting for a Spielberg movie, so I had no complaints there :slight_smile:

What do you think about this one?


Just watched “The Secret Life of Pets” on the plane to Italy!
Honestly one of the best feel good happy movies that I have watched recently. The relationship between Max and Duke throughout the movie is super sweet to watch develop. Also Louis CK is literally my hero so I loved his voice as the main character. Kevin Harts job as the likable evil rabbit was incredibly funny and well done. Overall a movie that I recommend for a good time!


Just got out of Vaiana, lovely film. Disney manages to express so much emotion in this one, I had a couple of genuine tears come up, just because of how overpowering it was to all my senses. Visually beautiful and the songs, oh the songs! They’re great! Go watch it, you’re welcome :wink:



###A Street Cat Named Bob

To summarise: A heartwarming story of how a cat saves a homeless recovering drug addict.

In review: Tells the story that the books do in a fun way, clearly and yet deeply. The story itself (if you can’t see the film, I reccomend the books) is a very heartwarming tale, and is of course a true story! Oh, yes, Bob the cat plays himself in many of the scenes!

I have a question, however. Is this film availible in your country? I am not totally sure how internationally they released it. So to find out, I have devised this simple poll:

  • I have seen this film promoted / it is availible
  • I have not seen this film promoted / it is not availible

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I finally got around to seeing Sing Street (2016).


Instantly one of my favorites, and surely John Carney’s best so far. Don’t get me wrong, Once (2007) and Begin Again (2013) are solid films. However, both suffer from artificial-feeling plots revolving more so around musical set pieces rather than characters. Sing Street does both, and does both incredibly well while also sprinkling 80s nostalgia that doesn’t feel unnecessary.


I LOVE Mark Rylance. I was stunned when he won the Academy Award, because he is older and lesser known by mainstream movie folks, but was absolutely charmed by his performance. Check out Wolf Hall on Amazon Prime if you haven’t seen it already. He is LEGIT!!


If you haven’t seen The Crown yet, the new show on Netflix about QE2, definitely take a look. Absolutely stunning set design, decoration, and costume work. I blazed through the whole thing in one weekend!


Ah yes, I loved his performance! I guess it must be hard for US citizens to really connect with a soviet spy character in a cold war era movie, but I think he’s done a great job at showing us that everyone is a human being beyond the surface.

My grandfather was a graphical arts and a geography teacher and recently he’s shared a really interesting cold war story. He was good at cartography too, so the soviet military had used him to draw different strategy maps, evacuation plans for his hometown Győr, and such, to prepare for when the evil American Empire strikes us. He didn’t have much choice, he had to do it to take care of his family, (his daughter, my aunt went on to become a US citizen, so the joke’s on them :smiley:) but now it’s so bizarre to think that he would had been at least “interviewed” or even prosecuted in the US just like Rylance’s character because he knew so much about soviet military secrets. My aunt had lived a year in Mexico playing for an orchestra there before moving to Texas in the 80s, because it still was hard to wed a US citizen directly.

Unfortuantely we don’t have Amazon Prime here.


Just saw this one (Moana in the states) so many feels…from the same creative team that made Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast . It’s not going to blow you away by reinventing the art of cinema, but not every movie needs to. It’s the classic Disney story where a teenage girl leaves her home town to find adventure and save the world.

I also saw Fantastic Beasts…this is proof positive that good novelists are NOT necessarily good screenwriters.


Double Feature: Doctor Strange and Arrival.
Arrival was better than I expected. A well-made, intelligent, and thought-provoking film about aliens, and I dont’ use those terms lightly.
And yes, Doctor Strange was awesome. I never thought it was possible to love Tilda Swinton more than I already do. She proved me wrong.