The Life We Draw - Short Film


Hey, made this short a while a go. I’m going to send it to a few festivals soon. You have any critique for me?

Password: DRAWING

Thanks a lot,



Colourful short, decent little story. Felt like it might have been a sweeter bow if them being together would have coloured them in. Especially in relation to the title.

I liked the sounds design, maybe a little more ambience could have filled it up a bit. And you could have pushed sound and movement a lot further seeing as there’s no physical expressions to be read.

You also kept things very much at a distance, cutting to some closer shots could have added some emphasis here and there. And even though they’re only silhouettes could have strengthened the character in their movements.

Well those were my thoughts, I hope they help.


Thanks for the Feedback.


I really enjoyed watching it. I liked the aesthetic with the of painted world. Jasper certainly has a good point about the variety of shots but I thought the the consistency of the shots really sold me on the idea of a drawn world. It was like I was looking at a living painting.

Although having some props in black and white made it a little difficult to distinguish shapes. I think it would have been good if you could have done the table like you did the bench. Or maybe even just moved the teacups farther back on the table so that more of their silhouette could be seen. I think most of this stuff is more of just a taste thing though so certainly take it with a grain of salt.

Also you had some inconsistencies with how the image was converted to black, so parts of props would be keyed out momentarily. I don’t know what went into getting it as good as you did, but maybe in the future try and plan ways to limit the possibility of that on set. So like if you used a green screen for the effect (I assume you did) try not to use reflective props that may pick up the green and get keyed out.

I really enjoyed this though. I thought it was a really creative concept for a short. Sorry for the rambling answer though.


I really like the concept! It’s interesting and I think you definitely could expand on the idea. the background artwork is beautiful as well, I like the colors of the sky :smiley: