The Man Named Billy.(story)


There was once a man named Billy,
he had a nice life, until the fateful day, when he tripped down his stairs,
it was painful, and when he got up, he was in the land many call meme-world.
Meme-world is a place of many wonders, right outside it’s gates was a graveyard,
the graves had names like: Pepe, Dat boi, Fidget spinners,
there was a statue just inside of meme-world, it looked like a great man, he had a beard.
The statue was labeled “God Of Meme-World: Memelord-man”, Billy entered meme-world…


As the mighty gates lingered in his peripheral vision, Billy stepped forward. He was half hesitant, half exited (and then there was some part of him that was just hurt from falling). What wonders awaited him? And why was he here?
For years Billy had been a casual meme-er at best. His friends being much more avid memelords. What fate had put him, of all people, here?


Billy walked forward, seeing yet another statue, he going somewhere else, let alone look away, but he couldn’t, he just kept staring, walking towards it. The statue was a mixture of three memes: 1. Ugandan knuckles.
2. A tide pod (when he saw it he questioned his sanity). 3. The meme was has yet to be made,
upon seeing the last meme, the statue exploded, 20 natives of meme-world walked out of their homes,
but Billy didn’t notice, the three memes floated up, and then went three different ways, then Billy turned,
another native came out, he looks like the king of the natives, he says in the ancient meme language
"HeLlO tRaVeLeR!11!! yOu MuSt LoOk FoR tHoSe MeMeS!111!! fOr ThEy KeEp Us AlIvE!!!111"…