The Power of Screenings - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Whether you’re an accomplished filmmaker, or just getting started in film school, every filmmaker will make some questionable decisions in the creative process. Everyone can misjudge how their film will actually impact an audience… In fact, making bad decisions is often part of the process! However, learning from these bad decisions and correcting course is how we become better storytellers. This video is about taking the time to learn what’s working in your film (and what’s not) by screening your work.

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Very special thanks to Kevin Klauber for creating this lesson with us! You can check out what work he’s done at




Very helpfull! I should make something and try this out… :sweat_smile:


Haha go for it, Jasper!


Video is not showing due to copyright claim. Even though I have not seen the clip I think it falls under fair use though.


@Danny if you’re about, this might be worth you guys being aware of