The short that could've been


So I loved all the episodes of RocketJump: The Show and every short was unique in their own way and I was amazed by what they were able to do. Now Ep. 5 Doorgy had one of the most interesting BTS segments out of all of them, they had to scrap ideas and come up with something fast. I enjoyed the first concept, Walking Dads, but they said it wasn’t coming out right and it just didn’t really come together, I totally get that. The second concept really caught my eye though, Jurassic Parkour, I would’ve loved to have seen that one, the idea was fantastic and interesting and I imagine with a concept like that it would be very easy for people to hop on board. Sadly it wasn’t able to be made because of the expense it might have made. So my question is, Could we possibly see Jurassic Parkour be made in the future at all???


@FreddieW you see any Jurassic Parkour in RJ’s future?


perhaps in season 2 of RJ; the show ?:smiley:


I love this idea with all my heart. It honestly started cause we got an offer to do a Jurassic World video. And ummm… I came up with Jurassic Parkour. It was clearly not what the studio wanted as a promotional video :wink:

But we never let it die. We have kept it as a possible sketch for a long time. But it was just too expansive at that time. I definitely want to do it. Cause the show does not explain the actual punchline or where the sketch goes…

Lets just say, I thought of it the same day as Every 90’s Commercial.

It gets weird.


It would’ve easily have been the best promo for Jurassic World, they just didn’t know they wanted it.


Perhaps the raptor could be part of a department’s “Urban Running” patrol units, with a human handler/partner and everything (buddy cop movie comedy ensues ending with the raptor eating the suspect before her out of shape human handler could catch up?)

Edit to add / Aug. 17: After revisiting the idea in my head, I came to the conclusion that the ending result of the raptor eating the suspect might come off as insensitive towards all of the heavily publicized police shootings as of late. The “buddy cop” style might still prove to have some merit though.