The Ten Word Story Game! *2016 edition*


Hello there and welcome to the rocketjump community ten word story game! :star:
a game that originates from before the discuss forum and that has brought joy to many a rocketjumper.

The rules are very simple; you may use ten words, no more, no less, to add on to the comment before yours. You may NOT post more than once in a row.
And so through the comments of the many a story is born.

You can check out the original thread here and read up on the many chapters that have been created including the stories from the old forum when this game was still "the three word story game"

That thread died out with a chapter unfinished but a number of elder members of the community felt that a new chapter was at hand and so we wanted to start this new thread to make it more accesible to the newer members. We will hold strong to the legacy though and finish the old chapter in it’s time and after every chapter we will copy the entire story to the old thread to keep the legacy in one place.
Every year we’ll start a new thread and so this year is the 2016 edition; now let’s play!

The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*

The morning was harshly cold as @Kevin_Senzaki and @JoeyScoma stepped


into the office. There was a stillness in the air


and all was quiet. However, the famous costumes had disappeared!


As a chill slowly crept up their backs, they stood


in sorrow. Joey is about to say something, but right


now, he really needs to find the rest of the


costumes. It was as if they had simply got up


and waltzed out the door. Had the costumes become sentient?


Suddenly a chilling sound came from down the hall. “Chickyboo”


And from the shadows came crawling then a mangled figure…


violently grabbed Kevin’s leg from behind, causing him to suddenly


crash to the ground. He laid there non-responsive. Quickly, Joey


took off his virtual reality goggles. “That’s too scary, bro.”


Only then did he discover his goggles had been off


the whole time! This did not mean good things for


the two of them. Meanwhile, Kevin had recovered from the


harsh blow of Chickyboo’s attack when suddenly out came a


very disheveled looking @cherish. "You will never guess what happened,


I…". But she was cut short by Joey: "Don’t you