The Ten Word Story Game! *2016 edition*


Bullshit me woman!" “tell me the truth!” Joey proclaims as


he recalls that Cherish has a dark secret.Meanwhile, Kevin


had almost returned to his senses and was now trying


to get out his phone to tweet about what just


happened. But this wasn’t possible when the ball pit monster


came to life. With everything quickly devolving into chaos, Joey


farted onto his hand so his hand would smell like…


Fart. Why he did this was beyond him. But in


The office, a stranger smell found its way to Joey,

Trying to reboot the thread, if anyone else wants to respond


a smell of plastic. Of ball pit balls, Joey ran


For he knew what it was! …or so he thought…


For what he saw was none other than the sentient


Ball Pit Monster! Joey quickly escaped to find the one


They call Charles, for without him existence would not have

yo, nice to see you again @FudgePieProphet, it’s been a long time


Been possible, “CHARLES! you’ve gotta help me man.” "Why should

Indeed, it’s nice to see all of you as well.


I help you" said a rather jaded and grizzled Charles


Or at least that’s what Joey imagined he would say,


…but alas Charles was Dez’s dog and therefore could not…


speak. Charles’ animal instincts took over as joey found him


leaping towards the Ball Pit Monster. "Perhaps, he has decided