The Ten Word Story Game! *2016 edition*


being dragged down by the ball pit monster. He quickly


Shot a prayer into the world before busting out his


FredQuest alarm, wishing that @FreddieW would arrive! Joey started to


cry, “I’m gonna die.” he thought to himself while sobbing.

(I just realized this is the “2016 edition” while it’s 2017. Will Joey be split between years!?)


Nothing could have prepared Joey for what happened next. The

(We finish this story here and if a new story needs to be started it’ll get its own 2017 thread)


ball pit monster gave him the most comforting hug Joey


ever felt. It was even better than his own mother’s


Freshly baked, apple strudel. And that was saying a lot!


Joey slowly lost himself to this amazing hug, meanwhile, Freddie


Had arrived to the office on his totally rad dirtbike


and parked it up. After running to the office door


He heard the silent screams of ecstasy coming from Joey


Who, as we all know, can audibly scream silently. Freddie


ran to Joey as fast as he could, once there


he pulled his friend from the embrace of the monster.


“JOEY! We’ve got to go like right now!” Joey hears


The words but can not seem to understand them until


his eyes focus, seeing their doom hurtling towards them. Instantly,


Freddie pulls him out of the editing room, and shuts


Him up long enough to ask what the hell is