The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


How do you play?
Just write Ten words that connect to the previous posts, making a story.
Ten words at a time!
Current story being worked on is around post 235 for anyone that would like to read or add to it!

                      Completed Stories!

              Chapter 1  Freddies Amazing Journey

Freddie was watching a tamed horse ride a bike, while he drank from a glass of piss that he really really really really hated. But then, he tasted something that was magical. Freddie reached for the sacred guitar, but right before the time lapse, he realized something: the milk expired. So he needed to journey to the land of Ohio. Unfortunately, Freddie wasn’t aware of the strict laws about milk there.
They killed him using a large and deadly object, which they found at the nearest Apple store, which is Steven Jobs’ personal zen garden. His funeral was on a Sunday night, because that was convenient for the RocketJump team. The next day, Clinton Jones said “Guys, come here and watch this awesome video! It’s definitely pwninshing time!”
The others were intrigued, and watched as butts were explicitly parading around the milk fairies who were performing a special act. Afterwards
they all gathered around the hot campfire and started playing duck, duck, goose. Suddenly Johanna Braddy saw freddie’s silhouette so she screamed: “Oh my god, is that penis attached to his left middle finger?” Freddie replied "Yes! It is super powerful and also it gives me mad skills, it’s like my favorite childhood toy that I got on black friday “Freddie is alive!?!?” the little midget cried, shocked. Freddie explained: “The dragonballs were found by Jimmy!” Then he disappeared. Brian got very happy because now he was naked, And had Eggnog that was spoiled inside of his very meaty hands, Because they were put in ice, So they could Recreate Cool Runnings. The resurrected Freddie is playing minecraft, while hugging a Cat named Cheeto that loved to jump on keyboards and kiss babies. The rest of the Rocketjump team wanted to kill all enemies of Santa’s reindeer because they’d sworn to, and then they did, after they had finished they all decided to watch netflix together on a potato, but then a black hole appeared by the tv Benji managed to do the impossible when he farted in to the blackhole and destroyed it, all the People said “Amen!” and they rejoiced, “The end”. Said the miner while he was cooking up a shoe using his chopsticks of destiny, Forged from the bowels of his most hated enemies. “I am your worst nightmare” said his mother. After the wrath of Her dagger went into her donut, and all the jelly exploded out, all the jelly was stuck to all their eyes and became sticky, so they got a bucket of old milk, poured it all onto their faces, which then caused them to swallow all of the old milk. Later on it all came out as though it had never happened. Freddie said “take a moment and eat a can of pineapple, While thinking of why we are sitting near a killer bee hive and why we are covered in different colors of the sacred guard.” Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared and took Freddie to a guitar hero Championship training facility in alaska, where he trained till the time of the tournament. “It is time” said the mysterious figure, Freddie said “Only the best may challenge me!” Which then lead to a horde of weaklings except for his evil to all go take up arms and battle with utmost intensity, Freddie was just single handedly destroying all of them. But then Freddie slipped because he saw a picture of bad luck Brian, Brian said let me borrow your guitar, I’m secretly awsome, so then Brian began to shred and beat the evil dude, which caused the bad luck of Brian to finally end!

                              Chapter 2 

On the way To the Secret lair of dragons, they encountered some little blue hobbits, that all wanted freddies magic finger. Everyone stood by wondering what Freddie would do, Freddie looked at them and said, “Duel!”. So it began the hobbits were very precise when hitting everyones feet, such amazing swiftness. They ran into Freddies trap, that freddie built because he could. And the great red eagle, came soaring in from high above and ate them, because the eagle was freddies friend and he wanted to exact revenge on those hobbits who had previously stolen his magic. He decided to take his oversized german shephard and sicked him, and so they retreated to their secret forrest homes and cowered there forever more. Freddie continued his journey to find the river of fresh, so he went on and on talking about how fresh it made him feel that he could do anything. So he left earth and floated around, drifting towards the moon and said “I may never leave this place until the time of finding dragons” then he thought it might be that the moment is now here, He decided to go find his true calling to tame the lion in the Dragons stomach so the lion could reemerge into the world, and be the savior of all the little big rig drivers, freddie went on, reflecting upon his awsome life as a rather amazing spectacle, and relaxed once again. After awhile he slept for 1000 years, and was awakened by jimmy, who cryogenicly froze freddie inside of a freezing capsule that was located on a time dimension not known to anyone but Brandon. After he awoke he said “Holy crap I overslept, quick lets go to the doughnut shop before I run out of milk”. “Alright” Said Brandon “we thought you might need to find some doughnuts so we bought this super future box of doughnuts.” Freddie couldn’t believe how good they tasted, almost like victory, with a dash of salty gun powder, just enough to really enjoy every second, and start to fall into a, a strange trance. It was even enough that he was able to see into the swirling vortex of time, it made him feel like, laughing, then out of nowhere, a man calling himself mr. gigantor ran up and stole 10 donuts. Freddie could not let him eat his timey wimey doughnuts! Freddie attacked, using his invisible glock loaded with silver nano-bot bullets that could destroy a whole house in one shot. But Freddies aim was thrown off when a spider fell from the roof onto his glasses. It was saddening, Freddie shot just to the doughnuts, Freddie would never be able to forgive them for ruining his day, he decided to go and kill them. Afterwards he calmly strolled to the mountain, where he could ride his lion, who he got from the dragons that lived in space.

                          Chapter 3

He rode all the way to Mars, where he met a martian named alfred, who enjoyed hunting giant sand crabs to eat. Alfred was about to buy an entire pack of earth to put on his porch and plant flowers in it, Freddie helped him to squish the sand crab to death, and then helped him plant his awesome man-eating flowers, to guard his castle filled with magic dragon claws and smelly cheese. He then back-flipped to the top of the biggest rock on the planet and said “No one can possibly be more fabulously erotic than this rock.” Aflred couldn’t have agreed with this more and he went to look back at his childhood volcano ( each martian is put on a inactive volcano when they are eight, and in order to survive they must befriend that volcano. [volcanoes have always been at the heart of the martian belief system] Once the martian is fifteen and leaves, the volcano becomes active, this is necessary because the martians rely completely on geothermal power ) when he suddenly found himself surrounded by plants that were reaching for his feet in order to pull him down and eat his delicious brain so they could grow plant space ships to go somewhere that rained, Freddie tried to get the plants to bake him a cake before they ate his flesh and took his knowledge of guitars to become the worlds leaders and go all the way to the moon of earth so they could destroy the humans and throw a ginormous Purple cat monstrosity into the heart Of Texas to convert the land to a slimy fertile breeding ground where 20,000 baby kittens of normal ear size and large paws were spooned from fudge from magical wizard who would take payment in the form of Pie which was coconut in flavor, Freddie devoured many more than the wizard Shamed with defeat went back to his blind cousin and was killed for illegal conduct. His blind cousin wept very loudly and swore revenge! And suddenly he appeared behind Freddie and jumped up to the next wall and threw a temper tantrum so mighty that it shook the planet. Freddie, startled by the sudden ear shattering screams turned and became annoyed at the sight he had seen. All the world heard and became annoyed, the world begged Freddie telepathically to stop the terror. “End it now!” The World said. “It shalt be ended” said Freddie as he reached for his mighty guitar. He ripped and he shredded, but the blind man had his own guitar, and started to battle. The shred match was epic and beautiful, at least three resounding chords swept across the land for everyone to hear. Men and women across the planets fell so madly in love with the battle that soon Freddie and the blind realized their true purpose and rocked on through the ages.

                           The End

      The Epic Tale of how Lauren became the Dean of RJFS!

Lauren really wanted to take a nap, but Mario Kart exploded to bits and the office caught fire; Then she knew this was no time for a nap. She busted out her totally awesome secret fire plan, which involved duct tape, bubble gum, air ducts, and some really cool slippers; which had the amazing ability to somehow spontaneously create a portal to the other side of the much feared flaming office. She quickly scooped up all the hard-drives, and got them out of the burning office. Everyone rejoiced for stored onto these very hard-drives was the only copy of beach justice, the supposedly lost movie from years ago. RocketJump swore to give Lauren one wish as thanks. Which she then blew on a plate of nachos. These nachos became the most powerful plate of nachos in the office at the time. The Nachos were so unbelievably powerful that they were to be handled with a pair of golden to-go boxes. Lauren was constantly amazed at how DUMB SOME PEOPLE CAN BE ON TWITTER. Anyways, the nachos were cooling at an alarming rate, so she had to organize a nacho party quicker than a donkey can lick a bald tennis ball. RocketJump came together, after fixing the Destruction, caused by the raging fire, they arrived only to find Brandon Laatsch had returned to work on a new Video for rocketjump, everyone was quite surprised by his sudden return and much merriment and nachos were had. But Freddie so surprised by Brandons presence screamed so loud that he set the office on fire again, and everyone was sad. After the use of many a fire extinguisher. Freddie told Brandon that not only was it great to see him, but that they should forget everything that had happened and go in to business together as fire extinguisher salesmen. Lauren was quite shocked by this sudden turn in events, so shocked in fact that for a good solid hour she defecated magical unicorn dust everywhere, and then lit the gas coming from a gas pipe she injured during her battle. Freddie and Brandon, now in business together, were keen to Smell eachothers smelly armpits all night long untill bed time. And all lived relatively happy for a rather reasonable time. Jesus was not amused as he wanted to eat garbage, which was quite a reasonable request considering that he was actually on his way to meet Lauren to help with The extinguishing of the office fire when, quite suddenly Freddie and Brandon appeared and started trying to sell him a fire extinguisher from their new business to help with the fire. Jesus slapped them both and brought’em to RocketJump, gave them a stern talking to about their youtube responsibilities, and walked back up the stairway to heaven. The pair quickly put out the fire. And went back to their sweet sweet love making. Meanwhile Sam and Niko were filming this fake, yet somehow charming, bromance for their new comedy: “Brodance!” Freddie and Brandon saw them having so much fun and decided to join in as DoP, Lauren saw this and was set afire into a terrible rage. She went berserk, starting a hell-heated argument about why she should get quite the raise for having to deal with this. After a couple dozen rather shouty minutes, it became clear that she would have to get Freddie back first, then shout at him. How this masterplan would work… unclear, but the time for shouting had begun! “FREDDIE!!! YOU HAVE A PACKAGE FROM AMAZON” and watched him rush off. Then she used the password she had nicked from Freddie to change His Facebook status, now Freddie is in a relationship with her, giving her access to rocketjumps finances and getting that money out of there. She later went on to making grits… That woman loved grits; however, upon sitting down, she realised that this may not have been the way to end the story, and went to force Freddie to return to his crib. However, this did not please him so much as it did annoy him and he confronted her “What do you think you’re doing?” Asked Freddie, clearly annoyed. “Making things right” she responded, and with that, she continued to get all the bacon from the freezer, but then Freddie stopped her. With eyes tearing up, he spoke: “Lauren please, things have already been made right.” And with that he took her hand and placed in it a small jewel, which was the jewel she was looking for and said his farewell, which consisted of a nine page sonnet. Hearing the abnormally long sonnet she knew it was heartfelt. She felt her heart as a knot in her chest and her eyes started to tear up as she watched Freddie take all of the bacon from the freezer, and hand it to her. “Thanks…” It got quiet… “Freddie?” “What?” “Where to from here?” She murmured, contemplating the future of their lives together. “Well… that depends…” “On what?” She asked. “On who of us is going to be dean of RJFS…” Lauren was disgusted. She quickly raised her arm and then realized he meant, he wanted her to be dean. Lowering her arm and saying " oh, I just thought the bacon would separate us, you know?" And with that she climbed her way to the top by being the RJFS dean. And so all was pretty good for a reasonable time.

                         The End.

(The as-of-yet unnamed story of Benji)

Originally, no one thought he’d show, but they were wrong. He had shown up at the international unicorn contest for he had raised a great and noble steed named Windjeb! Though Windjeb was in fact only half unicorn, he was firm in his belief that Windjeb would win! So he triumphantly strode across the field, the mighty Windjeb in toe; Benji felt good, like really really good! He would show the world that half-breeds are just as good as those wanky full-breeds with their horns and their lineage retraceable to the “Great K’i-Lin”, for Benji knew that it wasn’t who looked the best, but who truly was the most majestic unicorn of all, had found his beauty languishing, and with that said, Benji realised that sentence wasn’t making sense. He took Windjeb into the stables, and went to find the sattle to put on him. When he got in there, terror struck him, for where the sadle should have been was a note filled with dastardly content it read "Well well well, it appears that you are lacking a saddle mr. Bond. What? You’re not Bond? What the hell! Okay let’s just pretend you are. Anyways, a few days ago it would appear that you made the huge mistake of assuming the saddle would be in the stables! But I’ve set up a little game instead, your challenge is to retrieve the saddle before the sign-up deadline at five, I’ll give you two minutes, and gosh, if you don’t find it, then I guess I win! MWAHAHA!.. HA… ha.
Sincerely, your Biggest Fan blush "
Benji was quite shocked to receive such a message, so shocked that he forgot what it said and reread it. After coming to terms with the content of the message, he looked at his watch to see he had only thirty seconds left! He was baffled as he realised the stupidity of his non-action, he ran to Windjeb, “Windjeb! I need You now!” He quickly got on to Windjeb and then telepathically asked him to use his magic to teleport them; Winjeb however reminded Benji, he had signed him up hours before teleportion was invented, leaving Benji in the dust and with a rather confused look on his face, but there in the hay, he saw the saddle! He picked it up and whirled around, frantically looking for his majestic steed quite distressed by the apparent loss of his majestic steed, he like totally freaked out! doing push-ups out of pure anxiety when Windjeb came in and watched this strange event. “Dude?! The hell?!” He spoke to the frantically exercising Benji, “Windjeb! You came back!” Screamed Benji, crying. “I just went to get our starting number, you hornless oaf!” Much Cuddling proceeded to occur until it was time to begin the race contest. Windjeb and Benji carefully made their way to their starting gate, and saw the clock counting down “10” “9” “8” and then the clock stopped. The stadions speakers turned on, and an announcer said: “Benji Dolly, please make your way to the administration desk, we have some super ideal blueberry muffins for you, perfect sweetness. We’ll make the race wait, because seriously! You have got to try these muffins!” Benji wondered why he had been singled out, but he decided not to ponder it because…free food. So he went, and boy! Were those the best darn muffins he had had, but something felt wrong, it must feel not right. THE RACE! It started! The announcer tricked Benji, trying to get him to miss the race. However, Benji would not be deterred that easily! He jumped out onto the stadium, and got on Windjeb, and catches up to the other competitors because Windjeb (and Benji) are studs. {4 laps later} The last lap, toe-to-toe with the defending champion, Frank, who had won so many times thinks that the prize is his, but little does he know of the power of friendship! Benji and Windjeb pushed a roll of friendship up franks bum, leaving him a nasty scar of emotion. Benji pulled up to the gate the winner of the international unicorn contest! Benji and Windjeb stood proudly, leaving the now crippled Frank out on the tracks, waiting to be trampled by the other contestants. This was truly a magical day, but one thing was missing, the trophy! Benji looked everywhere… Finally he saw someone running towards him, arms flailing madly in the air. He saw the most prettiest girl ever, delivering his trophy to him “BENJI!!! … WINDJEB!!!.. CONGRATULATIONS!” She screamed as She ran. Benji ran, which didn’t work since he was still on windjeb’s back. Windjeb shrugged and ran over to her for Benji, who began to blush, wildly, as he realised how foolish he had been. Embarrased as he was, he said nothing till Windjeb innocently tossed his hair, slapping Benji in the face, calling him back to reality to face the pretty girl “Hi” She said “Here’s your trophy.” “Thanks!” said Benji…“Uhmm” he muttered, far too intimidated to ask the girl’s name. Windjeb couldn’t take it anymore, he threw Benji into her arms, time stood still for a moment as they gazed into each other’s eyes, amazed by how beautiful the girl was. “I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe”. They hugged and then rode off into the sunset with Windjeb The Great! And Benji managed to avoid running into the “The End” sign as a smooth as hell romantic score floated in, The end.

The Ten Word Story Game! *2016 edition*
What made you happy today?

and jumped up

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to the next

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wall and threw

Should we change the rules and make it 10 words?


Yeah Prophet I think the rules need to change a bit to keep it working properly


Ten words it is then.


a temper tantrum so mighty that it shook the planet.


(we could make it three again, people would just have to put a whole bunch of spaces after their 3 words, or add ~'s or something [as I write an entry with 10 words])


Freddie, startled by the sudden ear shattering screams turned and


I suppose we could… but I kinda like ten words, we can all make a more consistent story this way, and have a little more control. If you look at the previous chapters, you’ll see we lose track of the story constantly.
Now that might still happen, but at least people will have more control, being able to really contribute with every post.


But the trolls would have more control as well. Freddie might start drinking piss for days.
Haha, this reminds me of Twitch plays Pokemon.


Don’t give them any ideas!!!
Plus I haven’t really seen any trolls in this community,
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Became annoyed at the sight he had seen. All the


world heard and became annoyed, the world begged Freddie telepathically


to stop the terror. “End it now!” The World said.


“It shalt be ended” said Freddie as he reached for


his mighty guitar. He ripped and he shredded, but the


blind man had his own guitar, and started to battle.


. The shred match was epic and beautiful, at least three


resounding chords swept across the land for everyone to hear.