The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


Windjeb! You came back!" Screamed Benji, crying. "I just went


to get our starting number, you hornless oaf!" Much Cuddling


proceeded to occur until it was time to begin the


race contest. Windjeb and Benji carefully made their way to


their starting gate, and saw the clock counting down “10”


“9” “8” and then the clock stopped. The stadions speakers


Turned on, and an announcer said: "Benji Dolly, please make


make your way to the administration desk, we have some


super ideal blueberry muffins for you, perfect sweetness. We’ll make


the race wait, because seriously! You have got to try


these muffins!" Benji wondered why he had been singled out,


but he decided not to ponder it because…free food


So he went, and boy! Were those the best darn


Muffins he had had, but something felt wrong, it must


feel not right. THE RACE! It started! The announcer tricked


Benji, trying to get him to miss the race. However,


Benji would not be deterred that easily! He jumped out


onto the stadium, and got on Windjeb, and catches up


to the other competitors because Windjeb (and Benji) are studs.


{4 laps later} The last lap, toe-to-toe with