The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


the defending champion, Frank, who had won so many times


thinks that the prize is his, but little does he


know of the power of friendship! Benji and Windjeb pushed


know that Benji and Windjeb have a trick or two

( ALSO is the race “The Contest” or just an event at “The Contest”?)


a roll of friendship up franks bum, leaving him a

(following know of the power of friendship! Benji and Winjeb pushed)


Nasty scar of emotion. Benji pulled up to the gate


the winner of the international unicorn contest! Benji and Windjeb


stood proudly, leaving the now crippled Frank out on the


tracks, waiting to be trampled by the other contestants. this


was truly a magical day, but one thing was missing,


the trophy! Benji looked everywhere… Finally he saw someone running


towards him, arms flailing madly in the air. He saw


The most prettiest girl ever, delivering his trophy to him

(Come on people, turn this into a love story!)


“BENJI!!! … WINDJEB!!!.. CONGRATULATIONS!” She screamed as She ran. Benji ran


, which didn’t work since he was still on winjeb’s back.


Windjeb shrugged and ran over to her for Benji, who


began to blush, wildly, as he realised how foolish he


had been. Embarrased as he was, he said nothing till


Windjeb innocently tossed his hair, slapping Benji in the face


, calling him back to reality to face the pretty girl


“Hi” She said “Here’s your trophy.” “Thanks!” said Benji…“Uhmm”