The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


Explosive Boy shouldn’t have gone to his dad’s fireworks factory.


He knew he shouldn’t have. But somewhere in him he


had discovered something new, something dangerous. It was in fact


the urge to try something new. So he got up,


and layed a hand on the doorknob, he hesitated


realizing that trying something new meant possibly failing. And failing

  • well, failing was failing. Now he was at the firework


factory, it seemed that his life before was nothing in


comparison to the massive display of pyromania before him. He


went, and carefully picked up a firework from the shelf


He felt the sheer raw power in his hands, contemplating


all he could achieve with just this single masterpiece. Turning


again the recommendation of his once very close dear friend


(asuming you mean “against”)

Matt, he started towards an exit with the pyrotech in


hand, eager to see what the future had in store.


Suddenly a voice came shouting from the distance: "Oi you!


you shall use that firework to do great things, like


solve world hunger, or your dad will hear of this!


If he hears of this, i would not like to


be you, for people will do anything for food. How