The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


about you go in there, and use it and then


maybe, just maybe, you will see that fireworks are not


just awesome flying explosive contraptions, there’s more to them than


meets the eye. And you better hope none meet yours!


" The voice giggled a very manly giggle and continued. "Anyway,


there’s an even bigger one behind those crates." And suddenly


a firework the size of a rather large baby rolled


forth. And the man was gone in a puff of


smoke, which smelled oddly of cabbage soup. Explosive boy pondered


what to do with the abnormally large firework. He didn’t


remember ever comming upon such large an explosive before. How


would he use it? "I’ll shoot it off the tallest


building in LA that i can reach by elevator" he


stated to the somewhat cabbage-soup smelling emptiness around him.


Then he opened the door and stepped out into Future


. He looked around at the city of LA. Then, Suddenly


He saw a fireworks car pull up, he ducked into


a chinese dumpster, and pulled out twin 50 cal. Uzi’s


but his fear was ungrounded; it was his friend Matt


behind the wheel. He ran to the car and said