The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


in a stressed whisper, "Matt, what do you think you’re


up for something totally, unbelievably awsome?!" Matt rolled down his


window and looked skeptically at him behind a pair of


teashades sunglasses. He chuckled and said, "Don’t get cocky, kid.


Ugh, let’s go." He got into Matt’s soccer-mom van


where he found he was sitting among some rather odd


wobbly-head dolls stuck to the interior of the van. They


drove off into the sunset of LA and arrived at


a large mysterious office building, located in the fanciest part


of town. When they got out, they were approached by


a group of intimidating people in leather jackets and totally radical


trousers with fiery badges sewn onto them. They seemed rather


…vacant, for lack of a better term. Their eyes were


gold, and they were handling revolvers. One of them sneered


"Oy, soccer practice is on th’other side of town! You


need to get de’ heck out of here before I


help ya!" Matt looked at him with a face that


was just like the one when he watched Sharknado. Matt


looked incredibly un-amused, is what i’m trying to say, he


fired a firework into the guys face. he said "Lets