The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


rock" as he rolled out of the van with a


Firework Rocket Launcher. They stampeded inside of the building and


dodged bullets as they fired their fireworks, Explosive Boy got


a super terrible wedgie though, and had to stop to


pick it, but it was a really, really stubborn one.


So he was awfully distracted and missed the whole fight.


Matt returned to him with blood running down his


face, despite the fact he want wounded. "Is that your


Idea of “Let’s rock!”?" He said, his voice a bit


dry. Explosive boy was about to say something when someone


began singing the macarena, and he lost his train of


thought, the sole survivor of Matt’s massacre was singing. Matt


started for the roof, turned and said “you coming kid?”


Explosive boy yelped “But RJFS just came out!” Matt completely


ignored him and kicked open the front door of the


building. EB had to remind him they were allready inside


and Matt just replied with "Shut up, I know what


doing!". They walked over to the elevator and pushed the


button. They stood there in momentary silence, waiting awkwardly for


it to arrive. When it opened a group of those