The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


leather jacketed Macarena singing men were standing in the lift


They turned around mid song to find Matt and RB


were nowhere to be seen. “This floor is clear” said


one, “ayyye macarena” replied the other two, straightening their jackets.


The lift doors closed. Little did they know Matt and


RB were already inside the elevator, on their way to


the roof. Like ninjas, the two of them had disguised


themselves as mirrors, pressing themselves against the elevator’s walls. They


rode up the elevator, and reached the top. When they


got there, a large group of the macarena dancers


left the lift, joining a larger group of dancers that


began forming a human pyramid. EB and Matt knew this


had to be in line with some evil masterplan, but


this was one quality pyramid. It was slightly mesmerizing, but


overall quite confusing. RB and Matt, sneakily slid out of


view and got the fireworks into place, when they were


certain that no one could see them. They took aim


Time seemed to slow for RB after this point, Matt


watched, confused, as RB started doing everything in slow-motion.


RB finally put the last firework into place. They stepped