The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


back some, but then both came to the conclusion that


Maybe they shouldn’t do this, but then a stray guard


saw them, and they knew they had no choice. RB


lit the fuse, and the two of them ran to


the nearest cover they could find. At once, the fireworks


looked like they would go off, but the fuse had


been stolen somehow. Matt cursed beneath his breath and then


handed RB the only spare, “don’t screw this up kid”


he said as he began running towards the guards with


his firework launcher in hand. RB ran towards the firework


and applied the spare. He turned around to find Matt


staring at the pyramid. it appeared they were summoning


a demon of darkness to prevent the fireworks from being


their demise, RB lit the last fuse and started running


for cover again. But matt was running in the other


direction because he suddenly realized he needed to save the


cool, leather-jacketed satanists. Although they were evil, every


One of them was fly as fly can be. They


deserved to live, even if it’s only because they


Survived the apocalypse explosion. As well as the stock market