The Ten Word Story Game! *Legacy*


before the sign-up deadline at five, I’ll give you two


Minutes, and gosh, if you don’t find it, then I


guess I win! MWAHAHA!.. HA… ha.
Sincerely, your Biggest Fan :blush: "


Benji was quite shocked to receive such a message, so


shocked that he forgot what it said and reread it.


After coming to terms with the content of the message, he


looked at his watch to see he had only thirty


seconds left! He was baffled as he realised the stupidity


of his non-action, he ran to Windjeb, "Windjeb! I need


You now!" He quickly got on to Windjeb and then


telepathically asked him to use his magic to teleport them;


Winjeb however reminded Benji, he had signed him up hours


before teleportion was invented, leaving Benji in the dust and


with a rather confused look on his face, but there


in the hay, he saw the saddle! He picked it


up and whirled around, frantically looking for his majestic steed


quite distressed by the apparent loss of his majestic steed,


he like totally freaked out! doing push-ups out of pure


anxiety when Windjeb came in and watched this strange event.


“Dude?! The hell?!” He spoke to the frantically exercising Benji, "