The "Too many ideas" syndrome


I think, many young authors have this problem: so many ideas that you can’t decide, which you should write first. – I’m no exception. So, many of my ideas are inspired by my favorite movies and (TV/web) shows. However, I can’t put them on paper. And “Just write it!” is an useless advice for me. (At least because I don’t like stealing ideas without making them to my own one. So, that they aren’t that idea from another author.) I can write, I can plan, I can do anything. But I’m not satisfied with it. Can you give me any tips, please?!


Write down your ideas, even if you don’t do anything with them now you might discover a good way to execute on them later in your life.
And finishing what you’re working on is an important one as well that I myself struggle with. A thing that is complete can be improved and altered.
Talking about your ideas with others can be helpfull too for new insights or finding out what an audience’s response could be. i.e. does your idea work.


I have the same problem.
Sometimes it helps to learn to type faster. With too many ideas it can really help to just write them down fast.
Slow does not help, at all. Slow makes it worse.
Sometimes I try to draw a few scenes. Quick sketching. I have also tried Matchware Mindview 5. The last one is prone to create chaos and not drive me too much further.
What helps the most could be to collaborate with someone that understands your gift and challenges.

I have found that it is a rare gift that most people with few exceptions do not comprehend.
To start to write a scene of one movie leads to ideas for at least five more full movies.

You might not be the writer if you do not find a way to focus your ideas. If not you might never finish a movie and it can make you very frustrated. I see you as a concept creator or pitch writer. If you can write one or more page(s) on exactly what a tv series will be about that can be enough to copyright it and sell it to networks. They usually want a pilot script too and for that just get some help on the script part.

If you can write many concepts or pitches you will live a good life in Hollywood.