The Up, Side, Down, Game


I know games are sort of frowned upon here, but this game has depth and soul i found it earlier via google and thought it would be fun.

Rule #1:

^ = Answering someone’s question

< = What you are currently doing now, or what you have done recently

V = Your very own question that the user below you will answer

Rule #2: Do NOT post “also” questions! This means that: e.g. You are
drinking a glass of tea, so you would ask the question,
“also drinking tea?” This is a giant no-no among my people.
Be creative!

Rule #3: This is not a truth-or-dare game! Do not post questions that
will make the user uncomfortable or those that the below user deems inappropriate.
So don’t ask these questions please.

Rule #4: Of course, do not flame, spam, or abuse. Typical
rule in every thread.

Since I’m the starter, I cannot ask a question, so…

<: Posting this thread, whilst talking to friends on facebook

V: Are you excited for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?


^: HEEK YEAH! I made a thread here with my hype from the Avengers 2 trailer hahaha

<: Studying for a exam, checking the community and talking on fb too.

V: Have you watched Key & Peele show?


^: Yes I have. Funny dudes.

<: Forum browsing while eating white chocolate M&Ms. Also known as: putting off some content scheduling I have to get done tonight.

V: You’re stranded on a deserted island. What kind of plant would you be most excited to see on the island and why?


^: an industrial plant, therefore, that would imply there would be people staffing it, so, not deserted!
<: forum-ing, storyboarding, and form filling out.
V: What’s your favorite type of food?


^: Mexican food! I am Mexican myself and nothing is better then my grandmas homemade Mexican food :smiley: especially Menudo!!! if you know what it is good for you, if you don’t go get some right now!!! eat it with tortillas and try squeezing lemon juice into it!
<: forum-ing as well and watching old Achievement Hunter Lets Plays
v: what would be your dream job?


^: I’d love to create web site designs :3

<: reading interesting stuff posted by the community while waiting for the teacher to arrive x)

v: If you could be famous for anything, what would it be for?


^: I would be famous for inventing the time machine.

<: just woke up, around my friends house about to eat something

v: What is the scariest dream you’ve ever had?


^: I dreamt I was dead and no one could see nor hear me except creepy people that were trying to catch me and have me completly disappear from the world…

<: Waiting for school to finish, and eating a cupcake :3

V: What would you do if you got a call telling you you’re going to VGHS?


^: I’d probably laugh, tell them I already have a diploma and there’s no way I’m going back to high school, and then spend the entire week confused as to why they tried to admit a 22-year-old who just isn’t that into gaming.

<: About to leave for work. Wednesdays are pretty cool for me, because I don’t have class, so I get to be working all day.

V: If you were an expert with one weapon, which would it be and why?


^: my weapon would be my body, martial arts seem pretty awesome, not a very violent person though so wouldn’t really use a weapon of any kind.

<: just got back from my friends house, eating a pizza and playing Dota 2

V: when was the last time you cried?


^: Last monday watching episode 4 :frowning:

<: I have not finished school yet, waiting to go in psyhology class for a reading comprehension test .-.

v: If you could create new living creatures, what would they look like?


^: They would be miniature versions of animals that already exist. Aka I want mini whales.

<: Lunch break! Just got out of an unusually productive conference call, and I’m going to be analyzing some super sweet data after this.

V: You’re an X-man. Which one?


^: Ice Man! I will never have a room temperature drink again!
<: literally just woke up and getting ready for school
V: If you could turn the world into any game(or tv show if you’re not a gamer) you want and you would be the main character what would it be?


^: i like video games, but i would turn the world into One Piece. and i would be monkey d luffy.

<: just finished a gaming session of dota 2 now contemplating life.

v: if you could do the most perfect cosplay of any character who would you pull off?


^: It’d have to be Klein from SAO.

<: Just got back from a HUGE bonfire and firework display with friends, now I’m checkin up on the recent posts :stuck_out_tongue:

v: If you could only pick one episode of VGHS (assuming you watch it) to take on a desert island which one would it be?


^: definitely the first episode of season 1 when law puts the grenade on Brians head

<: waiting for my cottage pie to cook. it’s midnight. also thinking about watching an episode of House

v: if you could have any super power (besides flying) what would you choose and why?


^: Reality warping. Is it super overpowered? Yes. Is that why I want it? Also yes.

<: Currently hanging out with Google Analytics, the love of my life. :heart_eyes:

v: What are you most afraid of?


^: Rejection, which is why i haven’t really had a gf.

<: now eating my cottage pie, and watching the episode 3 commentary of vghs

v: whats the best dream you have ever had?


^: I was living in an apartment in LA and CorridorDigital did a shoot in an adjacent street, long story short, they took me on as a protegee, i worked with them for a number of years and i hosted a streamy.
Good dream.
<: forum-ing and script-ing, also looking over my friend’s shoulder as he does online shopping.
V: Who is your favorite fictional character of all time?


^: Oh my god. That’s such a huge question?? I’M NOT DECISIVE ENOUGH FOR THAT. A few of my favorites are Jasmine Callihan, Captain Holly Short, Wanda Maximoff, Stephen Strange, Jenga Fett, Kolya Vlasov, GLaDOS, Link, Juli Baker, oh goodness I need to stop but I could ramble off a list of several hundred I’M SORRY.

<: Still at work, making love to google analytics, getting jazzed about multivariate testing with my facebook ads.

V: What would you choose for your last meal?