The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: Skydive/Bungie Jump, I’ve always wanted to feel like I’m falling forever (weird, huh?)
<: Prepping my gear for an on-loc. shoot at my school. 40lbs of gear, Ahoy!
v: Rave every day, or peace and quiet for the rest of your life?


^: Peace and quiet
<: Working in that Photoshop
v: what was your favorite song of 2014?


^: I don’t know the band “2014”, are they any good? JK. The only thing that comes to mind is “summer rain” by Dan Bull.
<: getting ready for that annual shower.
v: What is love?


^: Baby don’t hurt me; don’t hurt me no more. A song by Haddaway.
<: Just watched Agent Carter. Getting ready to shower.
v: Do you believe in ghosts?


^: Nah. :ghost:

<: Prepping for a 2 hour presentation, oh joy.

V: What are you not looking forward to in the near future?


^: I am still excited but it means I have to go into actual adult life haha but the answer is Graduating from college scary as f**k ahaha
<: folding laundry lol
v: What are you looking for in the near future?


^: Hoverboards, definitely hoverboards
<: Discussing philosophy
v: what’s your opinion on Kanye West?


^: Never really listened to his music, but I respect him as a rapper.
<: Recuperating from hip surgery.
v: Coffee, Tea, cocoa, soda, or water?


^: Water. Just typing that makes me feel boring.

<: At work, finalizing a newsletter for tomorrow.

v: You can take a loss of -5 to any one aspect of your personality for a gain of +10 in another aspect. What two things about yourself do you change?


^: -5 to untidyness, +10 to motivation

<: playing dota 2

v: whats your favourite place youve been that begins with c


^: Crater Lake! It’s so beautiful
<: Texting my sister. About to watch Buffy
v: What is your favorite musical?


^: Once More, with Feeling (BtVS - Season 6)
<: Playing Freedom Wars while watching The 100.
v: Favorite flavor of Girl Scout Cookies?


<: Crying over my horrible show choir audition haha
V: Favorite pizza?


^: Jalapeño! haha I give in to my inner Mexican there lol
<: trying to work up the courage to text a girl xD no lie
v: Whats the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do that you really wanted to?


^ to act in front of people

<:just waking up

V:whats your favorite game franchise?


^: SuperGiant games’ collection if that counts as a franchise, but if not I’ve got to go with either Mass Effect or Theif
<: Discussing Niko
v: Whats the last song you listened to?


^: elastic heart by sia

<playing dota 2

V whens the last time you went outside?


^: couple hours ago, driving myself to fencing training (I feel so grown up (but not really))
<: going to bed, but before I do shamelessly promoting the new game I came up with for the forum but wich near as makes no difference none has contributed to so far. hint hint
v: what helps you fall asleep?


^: I like hugging a pillow or a teddy bear. Not to brag, but it’s pretty freakin adorable.
<: About to watch Buffy…again.
v: What is your favorite outdoor activity?


^: Sleeping. I’m not even joking, I love taking naps outside.


V: What’s your favorite quote of all time?