The Up, Side, Down, Game


^: ‘I am Vengeance. I am the Night. I. Am. BATMAN.’ - Kevin Conroy.
<: Meal Break @ work. Mountain Dew mixed w/ root beer along with Apple & Cherry flavored pastries.
v: Favorite TV show currently on air?


^: Mythbusters
<: reading Forbes
v: What is your favorite use of VFX


^: making a video go in reverse so it looks like magic, also because thats alli know how to do xD

<: playing tomb raider, what a sexy game it is.

V: which video game character is the most sexiest of all time ever?


^: whoever Jessica Nigri is currently cosplaying as hahaha

<: Writing a new script

v: who else do you wanna see have a chance directing RJ shorts?


^: Joey, Joey needs to direct a short
<: Attempting to send an email
v: what’s your favorite genre of music?


^: tbh i dont have a favourite anything that sounds good, i like alot of lana del rey.

<: chilling on teamspeak

V:whats your favourite thing to drink (non alcoholic)


^: Coffee, i couldn’t survive without the stuff
<: writing a thesis on a Stephen king book
v: What’s your favorite book?


^: Book 1 A Game of Thrones, everyone is still alive! haha
<: Reading said book
v: What Country do you wanna visit?


^: japan, hopefully live there.

<: watching kitchen nightmares

V: whats your favourite tv show that is currently airing?


^: Sleepy Hollow; love the movie, love the show, love the story
<: doing my homework for computer programming (our 2nd assignment in 3 weeks)
v: What’s your favorite social media site?


^: probably facebook, just because its easy and simple i mainly use it for contacting people

<: watching fairytail

V: whats the last thing you ate?


^: M&Ms.

<: Binge-watching Bridezillas. I have a serious problem.

V: Favorite childhood toy?


^: action figures and teddys, i’d make them fight and stuff haha

<: deciding wether to sleep or not

V: do you think the world would be better off as one unified nation?


^: depends on the government system, and if the person at the head of that was a nice woman or not.
<: joining a pretty cool email reminder list
v: which movie has the best soundtrack (in your opinion)?


^: gotta be the lord of the rings, it’s absolutely magnificent!
<: just back from grocery shopping with my mom
v: What is the best movie about music (in your opinion)?


^: spinal tap obviously

<: playing year of the beasts

V: how many days have you lived?


^: I have lived 8248 days.

<: Waiting for a status meeting to start in 2 minutes.

v: What annoyed you this week?


^: the customers i get at work

<: waiting

V: would you rather only drink water for the rest of your life (you can still eat food) or drink grapefruit juice every day for a year then go back to normal drinks


^: I’m trying to stay away from soda and stuff, so water every day.


v: If you could learn any language and completely proficient in it, what would it be?


^: C++ or JavaScript, all my technical problems would be solved.
<: Being daunted by the large amount of work i have to do
v: What is the funniest movie scene of all time (in your opinion)?